Slaying During CU Robbery Spurs NewLaw

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. - (03/21/06) -- Law enforcement and local officialsgathered at the Xerox FCU branch here Monday to commemorate a newlaw making it a federal crime to use the uniform or badge of lawenforcement in a misleading or deceptive way. The new law, theBadge and Uniform Security and Trustworthiness (BUST) Act, wasenacted in response to the August 2003 armed robbery at the Xeroxbranch when a man dressed in an 'FBI' jacket and wearing a U.S.Marshal's badge shot one member to death and wounded another duringthe hold-up. The assailant even announced to employees that he waswith the FBI and was quote 'staging a robbery.' The robber is stillat large. A $75,000.00 reward is still being offered for anyinformation leading to an arrest. Rep. Louise Slaughter, R-N.Y.,who sponsored the bill, said it was too easy to misappropriate lawenforcement gear and use it in crimes.

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