'Snatch and Grab' Turns Member's Dream ToNightmare

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FAIRFIELD, Calif. - (07/20/04) -- A member of Travis CU saw her dreamto buy her own business disappear last Monday when a gun-wieldingassailant knocked her down and grabbed $2,700 of her savings, ashot while after she withdrew the cash from her husband'sretirement account. Linda Reid, 50, was attacked andpistol-whipped, then robbed after she went to get lunch on her wayfrom the credit union, according to police. Reid had just withdrawn$4,500 in cash to purchase a hotdog stand she had been saving forfor years, police said. She was going to get a cashier's check butcouldn't remember the spelling of the man's name who was selling itto her. The robber, who was apparently watching her withdraw thecash, followed her outside and attacked her a couple of blocksaway, according to Fairfield Police Lt. Gary Rogers. "The robberywas actually in a different parking lot," Rogers, told The CreditUnion Journal. Though Reid exchanged blows with her assailant--eventaking a bite out of his leg--he grabbed the whole pile of cash.When she lunged at him she was able to retrieve about $1,800 of it.Police are reviewing surveillance videos taken at the credit unionto determine whether the assailant can been seen watching Reid makethe withdrawal. Travis CU has opened an account in Reid's name tohelp her recoup some of her lost savings and has already collected$800.

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