Some Lessons In Getting The Word Out

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Credit unions know they need to ensure their lawmakers know about all the good things they are doing-but they're not always sure how to get that message out.

One case in point was made by Lynette Webb Rambo of Chocolate Bayou FCU, which has made a big effort to reach out to the Hispanic community. Rambo asked members of a panel at CUNA's GAC how her CU can leverage these "good works" when lobbying its lawmakers.

CUNA's Richard Gose had some "nuts and bolts" suggestions that went beyond the typical "get the message out" advice.

"Whenever a credit union does something like this, you're talking about it in your newsletter, right? So make sure your legislator is on that distribution list," he said. "When you're making a big announcement about your outreach efforts, try to include your legislator, make him a part of it, invite him to be a part of it. Look at your membership list and see if your legislator is a member of your credit union. Invite them to be on your board. Or, if they're not already a member and are eligible, invite them to join the credit union and learn firsthand about the benefits of membership."

After the session was over, Rambo told The Credit Union Journal that although she had often heard how important it is to show lawmakers what great things credit unions do for their communities, she appreciated learning some actual approaches to getting out that message.

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