State Regulators Sort Through Request ForDetailed Info

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ARLINGTON, Va. - (04/03/06) A group of approximately 40 stateregulators and examiners from 20 states who participated inmeetings hosted by the National Association of State Credit UnionSupervisors (NASCUS) in Boston and Phoenix discussed how to respondto a request from U.S. Rep. Bill Thomas for a rather large amountof information about credit unions in their respective states. Therequest to state regulators follows a similar demand of NCUA todocument how credit unions are serving their members, and followsNovember 2005 hearings on the CU tax exemption. Among the dataThomas is requesting: total number of state-charters, total assetsand members; a breakdown by state on how CUs are providing serviceto low- and moderate-income consumers; information on executivecompensation, and much more.

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