Suspect Captured In Overseas Credit CardRing

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KIEV, Ukraine - (07/20/05) -- Ukraine police arrested a majorsuspect this week in one of the largest international ringstrafficking in stolen credit card information that victimizedhundreds of U.S. credit unions and banks and millions of Americanconsumers. The ring, which sold stolen credit card data on awebsite known as, offered thieves in the U.S. andoverseas stolen credit card numbers and account information, untilit was shut down by authorities last year. The suspect, identifiedas Dmitro Ivanovich Golubov, is believed to be one of the creatorsof the network who operated under the online name'Script." is believed to be one of the sites wherea Florida trio, convicted of fraud, were able to buy stolen creditcard numbers issued by dozens of credit unions, which they used towrack up more than $200,000 in purchases on accounts at more than20 credit unions. Among the credit unions victimized by the Floridathieves were Navy FCU, Patelco CU, Affinity FCU, State EmployeesCU, and Weyerhaeuser Employees' CU, a prosecuting attorney inFlorida told The Credit Union Journal. The three thieves, TrevinoNaki Gray and his cousin, Michelle Davis, and Sabrina Jackson, wereall convicted of fraud and sentenced to prison.

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