Teller Guilty In Theft From Her Elderly Aunt’s Account

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REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – A former teller for San Mateo CU will spend up to a year in jail for robbing the accounts of her elderly aunt and a 16-year-old who received an inheritance from her dead mother, according to a plea agreement announced yesterday.

Arcelia Aguilar, 28, pleaded no contest Wednesday to charges that she transferred tens of thousands of dollars from the victims’ accounts to her own.

Aguilar was a teller at the credit union when the crimes occurred during two days last year. She transferred $40,000 of her elderly aunt’s funds into her own account, and $33,000 of the 16-year-old girl’s money, prosecutors said.

She was arrested in July after a family member reported her to authorities for using her mother’s Social Security number to get the credit union job.

The amount of jail time she serves depends on the amount of money she has returned before she is sentenced, a judge said.

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