Texas Delegation Backs CU TaxExemption

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AUSTIN, Texas - (09/20/04) -- More than half the Lone StareState's 32 House members, the second largest congressionaldelegation, have gone on record in support of the credit union taxexemption. The Texas CU League, as part of its 'Operation CreditUnion,' has collected signatures of 22 of the state's Housemembers, including Majority Leader Tom DeLay, endorsing the taxexemption. The campaign to get as many congressmen on record on thetax issue is aimed at neutralizing the bankers' efforts to gainsupport for their efforts to repeal the tax exemption. "We have aduty to let our members know where their Congressionalrepresentative stands on taxing credit unions, since a tax oncredit unions is a tax on our members," said Dick Ensweiler,president of the Texas league, as well as chairman ofCUNA.

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