Texas Gambit Pays Off ForGOP

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AUSTIN, Texas - (11/03/04) -- The controversial congressionalredistricting in the Lone Star State paid off big Tuesday night forthe GOP, which knocked off four Democratic incumbents to wincontrol of the state's 32-seat congressional district with 19seats. Among those going down to defeat were 13-term DemocratMartin Frost, a long-time credit union supporter, who was forced bythe redistricting to face four-term Republican Pete Sessions. Alsolosing Tuesday were Democratic incumbents Nick Lampson, Max Sandlinand Charles Stenholm. CUNA which poured more than $200,000 ofcampaign contributions into 31 of the state's 32 House races, wasforced by the redistricting to support Sessions over Frost, thoughboth were strong credit union supporters; and also backed Lampsonand Sandlin. "It is important that you stay with your friends,especially when you don't have a relationship with the othercandidates," Richard Gose, political director for CUNA, told TheCredit Union Journal Tuesday night.

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