Texas League Derides Pro-ConversionGroup's 'Bully Tactics'

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FARMERS BRANCH, Texas - (04/08/05) -- The Texas Credit Union League issaying Lone Star State CUs will not be intimidated by the "bullytactics" of a group of former credit unions-turned-banks thatthreatened the CEO of a small credit union that is pledging fundsto advertising aimed at members of two Texas CUs seeking to convertto banks. Texas Credit Union League President/CEO Dick Ensweilersent a letter to the "Coalition for Credit Union Charter Options,"a group of three CEOs at former credit unions, calling theCoalition's intimidation tactics "unconscionable." The Coalitionhad sent a letter to Craig Rohden, CEO of the $19-million SpaceCity CU, Houston, after he said he would be willing to pledge$1,000 toward purchasing advertising in the Dallas area, where twocredit unions are attempting to convert to a bank. "If you persistin with your plan to run advertisements, the Coalition will monitoryour actions closely and hold you accountable for your publishedstatements," the letter stated. "The whole issue with us is thereis no way that some group that purports to be protectors ofcharters should be intimidating anybody - especially the CEO of asmall credit union that understands the value of the charter,"Ensweiler told The Credit Union Journal.

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