Third-Generation Politician Sooner InCongress

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MUSKOGEE, Okla. - (08/11/04) -- State Rep. Dan Boren easily bestedthree opponents in the Democratic primary for the state's secondcongressional district, making him an almost-shoe-in for electionin this heavily Democratic district. The credit union-backed Boren,the son of former U.S. Sen. David Boren and grandson of former Rep.Lyle Boren, will succeed Democrat Brad Carson if he wins electionin November. Carson is currently supported by the Oklahoma CULeague against former Rep. Rep. Tom Coburn, but league officialswill be meeting in the next few weeks with some credit unionrepresentatives who are reluctant to throw heir support behind theDemocrat in this heavily Republican state, according to Bobby Stem,a lobbyist for the league. "Some credit unions want to make surethat we're doing the right thing," Stem told The Credit UnionJournal. The two candidates are vying to succeed four-termRepublican Sen. Don Nickles, a sometime credit union foe and one ofonly six senators to vote against HR 1511.

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