Travis Finds Something On Which To 'PEG' Its Success

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Steve Langley, VP with Travis Credit Union, provided this background on his CU's history and why it made the decisions it did in remarks before The CU Journal SEG & Business Development Conference.

Until December, 1999, Travis Credit Union was federally chartered and served a core sponsor, Travis Air Force Base, and more than 250 other select employee groups. In January 2000, TCU moved to the state system and was approved for a community charter. 'At that time we stopped focusing our attention on SEGs because the membership eligibility requirements had changed and we were able to offer membership to virtually anyone in our community and the nine other communities that we serve.

"We soon realized that we were missing some of the valuable relationship opportunities that we previously had. We also discovered that because our name was so closely related to our sponsor, Travis AFB, many people assumed that you still needed an affiliation with the military in order to join the credit union...We decided we needed to cultivate partner employer group (PEG) relationships."

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