Two Charged With ATM Plot

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MONTEREY, Calif. - (10/20/04) -- Two men believed to be responsiblefor a rash of area ATM robberies were arrested last week andcharged with the attempted burglary of the Monterey CU ATM. Thesuspects, identified as Duane Metcalfe, 31, and Jeremy Davis, 31,were observed by police going to the credit union earlier inseparate cars earlier in the day and were seen near the ATM whenthe sounds of a circular saw were heard moments late. Policebelieve the two men accessed the rear of the credit union building,then began crawling underneath the building until they reached theATM,. The then left a circular saw and chainsaw behind, which theyplanned to use to break into the ATM later on when they were toreturn to complete the job. Video cameras nears the machine wereeither disabled or moved to hide the attempted break-in.

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