ULTRADATA Clients Can Target Market

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Credit unions that use ULTRADATA for core processing can now drive individually targeted offers to members based on each member's unique use of their checking and credit card channels through the company's Ultra-Access online banking system, it said. The targeting, delivery and tracking system, developed by aaBeck Technology Group uses the summarized transaction data provided by the UltraData extraction module developed by FAFCU Financial. Together they provide a completely new and unique way to reach members, the companies said.

"By bundling t-Extractor with WebMRM, we're able to offer a single comprehensive marketing solution to credit unions that use UltraData's online banking system", says Michael Harden, CEO of FAFCU.

The t-Extractor/WebMRM bundle is available in both ASP (service bureau) and in-house versions. Pricing is based on asset size.

For info: aaBeck Technology Group at 888-512-1099, ext. 102, or www.webmrm.com or www.ultradatasystem.com.

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