Utah Bankers Save Tiny UtahCU

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SALT LAKE CITY - (12/17/04) -- The Utah Bankers Association tooksome time off from their credit union battles Wednesday to presenta check of $11,000 to UCB CU so the tiny credit union could buy anew computer system. The $700,000 credit union, which serves theblind and visually impaired, called the bankers' donation alife-saving gesture. "This check will pay off what we owe and buysome office supplies. It will make a huge difference for us," saidVickie Jaquier, chairman of the tiny credit union. The creditunion, open only on Wednesday's, occupies a single room in the UtahDivision of Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired offices,and had operated on an antiquated desktop computer. Kirsten Wilde,spokesman for the Utah bankers, said the association was alerted tothe credit union's situation from several of its banks that haveinvested non-member deposits in the credit union. "The banks cametogether, raised the money and helped pay for the computer system,"Wilde told The Credit Union Journal. The bankers association hasbeen battling the state's credit unions for more than a decade andrecently won a federal suit striking down large community chartersNCUA granted for four Utah credit unions. Both the Utah League ofCUs and America First CU also helped the tiny credit union,too.

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