Utah Central CU Offers Cool Savings Challenge For Youth

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SALT LAKE CITY – Utah Central CU is offering young savers a 3% rate on CDs and other financial incentives as part of its Chill Change Challenge.

Through April, any youngster up to the age of 12 can open a 12-month CD that will earn 3% interest for as little as $5 down or a maximum of $5,000.

Children also can earn cash by making deposits or referring their friends. Every time a child puts $5 in his or her savings account, Utah Central will give that saver a Chill Card worth 50 cents. Children can collect as many cards during the promotion, but contest rules limit the redemption to one card per day. The young saver with the most cards at the end of the month will receive an additional $50 in his/her account.

Kids who distribute Young Saver Chill Coupons and encourage their friends to join Utah Central will earn an additional $10 for every referral.


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