uWink To Order Your Food WithoutCash

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LOS ANGELES - (04/15/05) -- uWink Inc. said it will beginmarketing a touch-screen entry system that will allow diners toorder and pay for their food at restaurants without using ash. TheuWink Ordering System will allow customers to use their ATM orcredit card cards to place their orders via touch-screen terminals,reducing errors and speeding the order process, and providing acashless ordering system. Diners will no longer have to wait for awaiter to bring them their menus or for their orders to be taken.The cashless system will allow restaurant owners and managers toreview orders, inventory, revenue and staffing over the Internet inreal-time. The system will also facilitate the establishment ofloyalty programs for frequent diners through the use of 'clubcards,' allowing diners to enter their preferences for seating,menus and drinks, which are then tracked by the uWink OrderingSystem.

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