Views on HR 1151

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When things settle down, people will discover that this legislation (HR 1151) is not ideal. -Nancy Pierce

I think credit unions are more politically astute now and know what's ahead. They are more philosophically centered than they were.

-Larry Blanchard

I have to say this is my happiest legislative day, to see something of this nature come to fruition so quickly.

-Rep. Paul Kanjorski

Twenty months ago I suggested you kick ass and take names, and you did.

-Buck Levins

Look at all the money that was spent; it all comes out of the consumers' pockets. And for what? What was gained here? Not one member was helped. I hate to see the waste the bankers have forced.

-Marc Schaefer

This was not a glorious day for banking. I'll be the first to say we were thoroughly out-lobbied.

-Ken Guenther, ABA

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