Why Video Is Worth Considering

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MARION, Ohio — Video overlay may entice people to spend more time at a website, according to Lyle Heller, VP at CU-VO.

People spent more than four minutes at a website featuring video overlay compared to about one minute at a site running regular text and graphics, according to an informal study Heller recently completed. "That's an amazing difference-and that's just in the time people spent on the site."

Video attracts attention away from text, he added. "Eye-tracking studies show that people will migrate away from text to look at a picture of a person. Video also delivers body language, which accounts for more than half of the meaning of any message."

Heller recommended that CUs keep video messages under 200 words, or about 45 seconds. "That's about how long a person will watch."

Credit unions are using CU-VO to highlight loan and deposit rates; promote new services; and welcome new members during a merger, said Heller.

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