Witnesses Tell Court Of Intimidation, Humiliation, Call For Jail Time For Ex-CEO

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At the sentencing hearing for former New Jersery league CEO Thomas Shaughnessy, several league representatives submitted statements, with employees claiming Shaughnessy oversaw a reign of intimidation and humilation. Below are excerpts from those statements:

Rina Pantano, chairman, New Jersey CU League

The New Jersey Credit Union League gave Mr. Shaughnessy a prestigious, responsible position-carrying with it all the necessary embellishments. In return, we rightfully expected strong leadership, leading to the continued steady growth of our organization. Instead, Mr. Shaughnessy stole several-hundred thousand dollars from our organization. Mr. Shaughnessy is a thief. He lied. He cheated. And when confronted, he denied his actions. His deeds will continue to impact our organization for years...

Adrienne Bell-Kosinski, controller, NJCUL

Tom came in to the New Jersey Credit Union League with a masterful and well thought out plan. He put his plan into motion subtly. He pitted us against each other - making us leery of each other instead of looking at him. He conditioned me into thinking I wasn't intelligent or capable enough to climb the ladder in the accounting department; slowly knocking down my self-esteem along with it. If he didn't think he could "buy" you, you were on his "hit list" so to speak. He prevented me from doing my job because he knew that I would never do anything criminal. He is unethical and stands for everything I am against. He put this office through hell, and back. I was looked at and questioned by the board, lawyers and detectives about the embezzlement-and I felt that they were thinking I was involved-it's horrible to be related to something so illegal...I hope he gets the punishment he so richly deserves.

Sharon Dilling, director of marketing & communications, NJCUL

I observed mistreatment, serious intimidation and humiliation of my new friends and co-workers-especially those who questioned his odd or unusual behaviors-those behaviors that would later come to light as incidents of cover-up or deflection of criminal acts...I witnessed abrupt changes in strategy and direction of the organization, its purpose and activities-especially with regard to funding important programs and projects. One minute we had the money, the next we did not.

Inconsistencies. Lies. These were the norm while he was the boss.

After he was gone, I advised my new co-workers, my new friends on how to speak with reporters who were inquiring about incidents that for legal reasons we couldn't say a word about...I wiped tears in the bathroom and the boardroom. I hugged in the hallways. I cracked jokes in the lunchroom. I can tell you that the decision to come here today was not an easy one, as many of my colleagues decided that there was too great a chance for leniency by the court-which would only add to the devastation the defendant has already caused...I urge you to put this man behind bars. He must know what it feels like - even if for only one night.

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