Women Arrested In Bogus Payroll CheckScam

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TULLAHOMA, Tenn. - (08/24/04) -- Two women were arrested and chargedlast week with cashing more than $30,000 of counterfeit payrollchecks at area credit unions, most of it at AEDC FCU. The suspects,identified as Jami Thompson, 29, and Spring Langford, 27, werearrested at the credit union's Murfreesboro branch while Thompsonwas trying to cash on of the phony checks. Credit union employeeswho had been alerted to the scam stalled Thompson long enough forpolice to arrive. Langford, who was waiting for Thompson in a carout front of the credit union, was arrested at the scene withseveral of the checks found in the car. The fraudulent checks wereissued on two different businesses, Stewart Security Systems andNHC Health Care. The women had hit all of the AEDC FCU branchesmore than once.

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