Would-Be CU Robber Tried In BrutalSlayings

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RACINE, Wis. - (05/24/06) -- Jury select began this week in thetrial of Wendell McPherson, a Milwaukee man accused in the October2004 slaying of a woman and her daughter after he fled a failedrobbery attempt Horizon CU. McPherson allegedly ran to hide in thehome of Nancy Mason and her teenage daughter Meghan after policespotted him and an alleged accomplice casing the credit union in acar outside. Police later recovered masks and a gun inside the car,but Martin jumped out of the vehicle and ran away as he wasapproached by a passing police cruiser. Several hours later, theMasons were found dead inside their home. They had been boundtogether and to a bed, gagged and blindfolded and shot to death.McPherson's alleged accomplice, Jamal Martin, pleaded guilty toconspiracy to commit armed robbery and was sentenced to 30 monthsin prison.

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