Year-End Data Confirms Loans Outpaced Savings

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NCUA has released its annual report on financial trends for federally insured credit unions. Among the 2005 results:

* Total CU assets were up by $31.7 billion, or 4.9%.

* Loan growth outpaced share growth. Shares were up 3.8%, or $21.3 billion, while loans grew $44 billion (10.6%). The year-end loan-to-share ratio was 79.36%, up from 74.49% one year earlier.

* First mortgage loans grew fastest ($14.9 billion), followed by auto loans ($12. 7 billion), and "all other real estate loans" ($11.6 billion).

* The loan delinquencies ratio was flat at .73%, although in dollar terms delinquent loans were up $360 million.

* In terms of deposits, regular shares comprised 33.39% ($193.8 billion) of the portfolio, down from $200.1 billion one year earlier, while share certificates grew to 20.4% of the overall savings ($25.9 billion).

* NCUA said long-term investment portfolios were reduced to fund loan growth resulting in investments with maturities greater than one year decreasing, $18.4 billion, or 17.53%.

* Held-to-maturity investments decreased $1.6 billion (4.4%); available-for-sale investments decreased $5.7 billion (9.1%, and trading securities decrease $67.5 million (19.8%).

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