Fair Reporting in Unfair Fight

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I have to say Matt Blumenfeld has written an excellent article, "Will Third Time Be Unlucky Charm for Overdraft Reform" (CU Journal, May 11). I am especially gratified that Credit Union Journal has given balanced treatment to a controversial subject.

Balanced treatment on this subject is very unusual. In my experience the media has mainly parroted the consumer advocate's litany about "a nation of overdraft victims," and has pandered to the fears of consumers about "greedy financial institutions." It's very refreshing that Mr. Blumenfeld's article says "wait a minute, consumers are not as dumb, incapable, and victimized as their advocates think." Strunk & Associates has vast experience with financial institution's discretionary overdraft payment practices-over the past 14 years; over 2,000 financial institution clients of all charter types; In all demographic markets; In 47 of the 50 states; and our clients have over 30,000,000 consumer demand deposit (checking) accounts eligible to participate in this service. Mr. Blumenfeld has accurately and fairly reported at least some of the "balance" our vast experience brings to this subject. Thank you.Sam Davis, President
Strunk & Associates

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