NCUA Budget Shows Agency In Need Of A Complete Overhaul

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I have to agree with Mr. Moriarity's letter to the editor in the Dec, 3rd issue of Credit Union Journal and after reading Mr. Diekmann's article entitled "NCUA Posts More Info About Budget On Site" it just seals the deal. One thing in his article that really angered me was Debbie Matz's statement that (NCUA) worked very hard to hold the line on staffing for 2013. Didn't they add 75 people to their staff in 2012?

With the amount of credit unions merging or folding is there really a need for more staff in 2013? I, too, agree that NCUA needs a total overhaul or they should fold. If that was done I truly believe that credit unions would be better off.

Roger A. Licht, President

Credit Union One, Fond Du Lac, Wis.

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