No Community Can Be Healthy With One Segment in Distress

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I am writing in response to the editorial by Raul Pickett, CEO of El Futuro Credit Union-"CRA Debate Could Be A True Test of CU Philosophy In Action."

As a true believer in the need for CRA initiatives, I would like to give Kudos to ABNB Federal Credit Union, headquartered in Chesapeake, VA. ABNB formed a partnership with (my credit union) NCP Community Development Federal Credit Union (NCP) in 2006.

NCP was formed in 1999 and has the distinction of serving the underserved in the cities of Norfolk, Chesapeake and Portsmouth, Virginia. We are certified as a CDFI and a "low income credit union" and as such, face many of the operational challenges and opportunities that go along with serving our community. The innovative partnership/operating agreement formed with ABNB, allows NCP not only the survive, but to thrive.

When we all work together (small and large) credit unions, the entire community benefits. The founders of NCP believed that a community cannot be completely healthy and viable if one segment is economically distressed.

Letitia Batey, relationship manager, NCP Community Development FCU, Norfolk, Va.

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