Research: Simple Rule To Creating Great Member Experience

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The rule is simple. An exceptional member experience may not necessarily happen as a result of happy employees; but creating a sustained, exceptional member experience is virtually impossible with unhappy employees. That’s why building an exceptional member experience begins with building a great employee experience.

To make members happy, employees need to understand their powerful role in creating the member experience. In an employee perception comparison study of 27 CUs, employees were asked their opinion of the members’ experience, and the results were compared to what members said about their experience. It showed that the members of organizations whose employees were accurate in their assessment of the member experience were roughly 10% happier. A positive employee experience coupled with knowledge of their contribution to the member experience produce a still better member experience,

Research can provide unparalleled insights into the employee experience and knowledge, and create a conduit for improving both–provided it is not just an exercise, but a vehicle for change.

* NPS surveys can identify drivers of advocacy and detraction among employees. How likely are employees to recommend the institution as a place to work?

* Focus groups with member contact staff can provide insights into the members’ experience from a frontline vantage point and identify procedural issues that impede service excellence.

* Culture assessment programs can identify inconsistencies between brand, culture and stated values. Culture is to employees as branding is to members. When culture, brand and values are aligned, satisfaction and loyalty build, and growth results.

* Employee perception comparison studies assess employees’ knowledge of and connection to the member experience so they are motivated and empowered to deliver the best.

In the past, employees were subordinated to the whims of management. More recently, they have been “empowered” with authority which only gains compliance. The ultimate goal is “authorship,” when employees have a say in creating the rules. This generates true commitment, which in turn leads to an exceptional member experience.

Neil Goldman is Senior Partner of Member Research. He can be reached at 310-643-5910 or by e-mail at ngoldman (c) 2008 The Credit Union Journal and SourceMedia, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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