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Your credit union is quite likely a strong supporter of education in your local community. You may support school fundraisers or sponsor teacher-related events or, as the pages of the Journal's Community News section show on a near-weekly basis, underwrite scholarships.

But what does your credit union (or company) do to support credit union education? Stick with me, because just as local education is the foundation of a local community, an education in credit unions is the foundation of the CU community-if there is to be one.

In this case it's Development Education (DE), the week-long National CU Foundation-managed program that immerses participants in the history, mission and core values of "the movement." It could use a little help from you.I've had many experiences in CUs, and among the richest was participating in and graduating from DE in 1999. Other DEs will share with you the very same thing-even if you haven't asked and don't particularly want to be told.

A campaign is on to build something of an endowment so the program can become self-supporting. You, your credit union or your company can give any amount you'd like. There's more info at by clicking on Foundation Programs. The work you and all credit unions do in supporting education in your communities is admirable. But it is by investing in the CU community, too, that you ensure you'll be able to continue to do so.

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