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Editor's Note: The following is in response to comments by Paul Lucas at the CU Journal Business Development Conference that CUs should keep in mind their members are "consumers":

Hiding out in the workplace, protecting our identities behind the employer veil, has stunted credit unions' marketing abilities and our willingness to invest in our future. Worse, we have allowed our message of ownership and financial empowerment to become subverted by the louder and more aggressive voices of "consumer spending" and "consumer debt." But, nowhere have I heard a more misguided proponent of continuing these practices than the voice of Paul Lucas.

Professing that we should think of members as "consumers" is a subversion worthy of a banker lobbyist. And tell us, Mr. Lucas: how in the world can we market effectively to our SEGs if we don't effectively market to the community?

It makes you wonder. Who, exactly, is Paul Lucas working for if he would urge credit unions to go backward or remain stagnant? My! What big eyes you have, Mr. Lucas!

Mike Dillon, Marketing Director

South Division Credit Union, Evergreen Park, Ill.


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