The 45 credit unions that earned a spot on our second annual ranking of the Best Credit Unions to Work For know how to have fun — and make a difference — at work.

To make sure employees feel appreciated, these credit unions don't just offer competitive salaries and benefits. They also provide opportunities to fulfill a desire to make a real difference in people's lives, both at work, while they are serving members' needs, and through participation in community events.

Check out which credit unions made the list and learn from some of the best how to make your credit union a great place to work.
No. 1: One Nevada Credit Union
Assets: $775.6 million
Rank in asset category (between $500M-$1B): 1
Location: Las Vegas, NV
No. of employees: 260
President/CEO: Bradley Beal

Pictured: One Nevada CU Team. From Left to Right: Greg Barnes (SVP Marketing), Haigohe Miller (VP Branch Operations), Steve O'Donnell (SVP and CFO), Bucky (Mascot), Paul Parrish (Executive VP) Pete Jenkins (SVP Administrative Services), Tom Ernsperger (SVP Loan Administration), Brad Beal (President/CEO) and Michael Traficanti (SVP of Human Resources and Facilities Operations).

On any given year, One Nevada Credit Union provides its 260 employees with an average of 6,500 hours of internal training. This is initiative is developed by the Human Resources Department and is specific to job description.

"Training may be required, depending on an employee's position, elective or to advance career development," noted One Nevada CU's Senior Vice President Human Resources and Facilities Operations Michael Traficanti.

The CU's leading employee development model is its Proactive Leadership Management Development Program, which provides leadership training to managers, supervisors and top performers. The program consists of classes offered over the course of a year.

"Classes are taught by credit union executives, managers and on-line through our LMS System. Our program received accreditation through the University of Phoenix and our Proactive Leadership graduates are eligible to earn university credits upon successful graduation of this program," said Traficanti. "These credits may be applied towards a degree program at the University of Phoenix."

One Nevada CU offers employees' access to its Life Center, an online library of resources housing thousands of reference articles and materials on hundreds of work/life topics, explained Traficanti. These include the art of parenting, managing conflicts at work, talking with teens and estate planning. Additionally, the CU offers an Employee Assistance program with includes no cost telephone legal assistance and financial planning.

Twice a year, employees can sell up to 40-hours of paid time off (PTO) back to the credit union and/or transfer into an Extended Illness Bank (EIB).

"EIB may be used in the case of the employee's own illness or to care for an ill family member, or for bereavement purposes," said Traficanti. "At retirement time, employees are eligible to receive pay for up to 320 hours of their unused EIB."

Founded in 1950, the CU currently operates 14 branches serving more than 78,000 members.

No. 2: Infinity Federal Credit Union
Assets: $292 million
Rank in asset category (between $200M-$500M): 1
Location: Westbrook, ME
No. of employees: 73
President/CEO: Elizabeth Hayes

Pictured: Infinity Federal CU. Senior Management Team; Front left to right, Elizabeth Hayes (CEO), Ruth Leavitt (Director of Branch Administration), Mary Post (Director of Marketing); Back left to right: Barbara Bartlett (CHRO), Sandy Cloutier (COO), Ryan Wing (Director of IT and Operations) and Kandy Moreau (Director of Lending). Missing from photo, Mike O'Brien (CFO).

As the first CU in Maine, Infinity Federal Credit Union has achieved successful longevity by placing people ahead of profits. And the focus is first on the employees who represent the brand to membership.

"We are successful because our employees have the opportunity to do what they do best every day, with every member they work with," said Infinity Federal CU CEO Elizabeth Hayes.

Employees are eligible for annual performance bonuses, which are based on individual and team performance metrics. Hayes noted that peer recognition programs and Spot Awards recognize employees who go above and beyond their day-to-day duties.

Additionally, employees receive an extra holiday in their birthday month. After five years of employment, a five-day paid sabbatical every five years, and 50% up to $10 per month for Weight Watchers or a fitness program.

"Flexible hours allow employees to balance work and home life. Professional development opportunities include full coverage for college tuition and books, and for various certifications," said Hayes. "'Blitz Nights' have rewarded employee teams with a trip to Boston or other various prizes."

At the core of Infinity Federal CU culture is the concept of giving back to the community it serves. The CU support "RAOK Ninjas" (random acts of kindness), which could mean carrying someone's groceries, clearing snow from a neighboring cars or volunteering time to local causes.

"Through their work, employees are passionate about putting members a step ahead in life, and will do everything they can to develop creative solutions that place members in the best position possible," said Hayes.

Founded in 1921, the CU currently operates four branches serving more than 14,000 members.

No. 3: Belvoir Federal Credit Union
Assets: $327 million
Rank in asset category (between $200M-$500M): 2
Location: Woodbridge, VA
No. of employees: 80
President/CEO: Patricia Kimmel

Pictured: Belvoir FCU employees volunteer at the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10-Mile Run in Washington.

Belvoir Federal Credit Union CEO Patricia Kimmel said employees are the CU's first priority. Since instituting semi-annual meetings with each department in the credit union, she added that morale and communication have improved immensely.

"The meetings have fostered better communication through the sharing of information and ideas," said Kimmel. "Our employees have brought up ideas they hear from members or ideas they come up with that the credit union has been able to enact to improve processes and procedures."

As way to continuously boost morale, Belvoir Federal CU has developed a BEAMS committee, which sponsors fun outings throughout the year including the most anticipated event: Employee Appreciation Week. The CU's wellness committee also sponsors events and wellness education.

"For recognition we have a WOW program, which awards gift cards for exceptional internal and external service," said Kimmel. And for employees in a family way, the CU offers assistance. "One of our best ways to support our employees is through Babies in the Workplace. New mothers and fathers can bring their newborns to work (if their position allows) until the baby is four months old."

In addition to offering a tuition assistance/reimbursement program, the CU sends employees to regional and national training and educational conferences. "The best measure we have of our success is being voted one of the Best Places to Work in Virginia for 2014 and 2015," noted Kimmel.

Founded in 1946, the CU currently operates five branches serving more than 26, 000 members.

No. 4: Alabama Credit Union
Assets: $670 million
Rank in asset category (between $500M-$1B): 2
Location: Tuscaloosa, AL
No. of employees: 189
President/CEO: Steve Swofford

Pictured: Alabama CU Team. Alabama CU Executive Team at headquarters.

With its employee motto "We Got Your Back," Alabama Credit Union offers staff tuition reimbursement, employee-sponsored emergency funds, a wellness program, EAP and tickets to community events such as a local air show.

In recent years the CU has also implemented its High-Performance Team initiative, which allows employees from a geographic and departmental cross-section of the organization to participate in high-level decision-making efforts. These include the implementation of new products and services, and procedural improvements.

"The result of this is increased formal and informal communication across the organization as employees work with others that they normally wouldn't encounter during their normal roles," said Alabama CU's Human Resources Director Brandi McKinney. "Our employees learn by doing, and by carrying out these projects, numerous skills are honed, including problem-solving, strategic thinking, presentation skills and technological skills."

Alabama CU also supports Team Hydro, an ongoing communications team with rotating members. McKinney explained that the initial goal was to effectively communicate Alabama CU's strategic plan and the employees' role in it. Hydro's ideas included creating a weekly broadcast to staff created from footage they solicit record and edit in video format.

"News items, items of interest and messages from senior leaders are featured," said McKinney. "We also engage in weekly talent development sessions so that employees have a constant on-ramp for training, professional development and talent diversification opportunities."

To better understand engage with the communities it serves, Alabama CU created a summer internship program in 2012. Interns have two objectives: a Secret Meals Project and a Passion Project.

"They pitch their ideas to fellow interns about what community cause should have their support and vote on the cause and they then design and implement a service or fundraising project to support the cause, all in eight weeks," said McKinney. "It has been amazing to see these interns flourish while making an impact on community needs."

Founded in 1956, the CU currently operates 25 branches serving nearly 67, 000 members.

No. 5: Mountain America Credit Union
Assets: $4.7 billion
Rank in asset category (more than $1B): 1
Location: West Jordan, UT
No. of employees: 1,535
CEO: Sterling Nielsen

Pictured: MACU Team. MACU executives and employees attend Rescued Loan awards ceremony.

Mountain America Credit Union has its own take on March Madness. Each year during that month, the CU holds an employee-wide contest to determine who can save members the most money by rescuing loans.

"A rescued loan is a loan that a member has at another financial institution and is paying a high interest rate," said Mountain America CU Chief Administrative Officer Marshall Paepke. "We refinance the loan saving the member hundreds and often times thousands of dollars. The result? Rescued Loan March Madness."

Keeping with the sports theme, all CU branches and call centers choose team names and send the executive team a picture to put on a "rookie card." The teams are then seeded into brackets to compete for the highest volume in rescued loans.

"Every employee can fill out their own bracket to predict which team will be victorious—the winners get prizes, parties and bragging rights," said Paepke.

Along with offering educational classes such as Assistant Branch Manager and Branch Manager Training Programs and Mastering Leadership Class at Mountain America University, Mountain America CU provides various activities all year long. These include golf outings, employee celebrations, 5k walk/run, benefit and health fairs, wellness Brown Bag lunch seminars, barbecues and hikes.

"In the summer, if you hear the ice-cream-truck jingle, you can expect to see executives carting a cooler of ice cream treats around the office," noted Paepke.

This year the CU launched a new program Called ROCK (Rescued Loans, Outstanding Service, Continuous Improvement and Kickin' AAA). "We hosted multiple celebrations for employees centered around the theme, our CEO created a wrap up video thanking employees for their efforts, and we will finish 2015 with a special You Rock gift," said Paepke.

Founded in 1934, the CU currently operates 86 branches serving more than 522, 000 members.

No. 6: DATCU Credit Union
Assets: $795.5million
Rank in asset category (between $500M-$1B): 3
Location: Denton, TX
No. of employees: 192
CEO: Dale Kimble

Pictured: DATCU CU Team. DATCU Executive team: From bottom to top left to right Glen McKenzie (President), Dale Kimble (CEO), Melanie Vest (EVP - CFO), Dean Barnes (EVP), Jon Madsen (EVP - COO). Missing: James Henderson (EVP - CIO).

"We would not be where we are today if it were not for each and every one of you," DATCU Credit Union's CEO Dale Kimble states at all-staff meetings. "Each person plays a vital role in giving exemplary member service and caring for our membership. That's where it all starts."

In recent years, DATCU CU's Leadership Program has produced several leaders that have been promoted and elevated to higher positions, explained DATCU EVP and CFO Melanie Vest. "Of seventeen graduates that have been a part of this class, ten (58.8%) are now in senior management, management or lead roles at the credit union."

The leadership program has presented several projects that have been implemented or are in the process of implementation. "These include a new intranet/employee portal, MCIF system, a new phone system and the coordination of the upcoming relocation of DATCU's new headquarters in the spring 2016," noted Kimble who added that Vest began her career at the CU as a part-time teller.

Each year DATCU employees are invited to a Benefits Fair, which was designed to assess their health through various health screenings as well as to gain better knowledge on preventive care while meeting local providers in a fun and educational atmosphere.

"There are prize drawings, giveaways and even a healthy lunch is served," said Vest. "As well, they offer employees convenient, online health webinars, free flu vaccines and a hands-on benefits coordinator to assist employees with all health-related benefits and billing questions."

No. 7: MSU Federal Credit Union
Assets: $2.9 billion
Rank in asset category (more than $1B): 2
Location: East Lansing, MI
No. of employees: 639
CEO: April Clobes

Pictured: Michigan State University FCU employees congratulate the 200,000th member, who won a $500 cash prize and gift pack.

In conjunction with its CU Healthy program, Michigan State University Federal Credit Union recently coordinated a credit union-wide FitBit order and paid 40% of the coast toward each tracker. This effort falls in line with the CU's approach to developing a sound culture.

"MSUFCU is dedicated to improving and developing ourselves and one another," said Chief Human Resources Officer Silvia Dimma.

Leading a healthy lifestyle is one part of Michigan State University FCU's culture. Another aspect is continuing education. Employees are eligible for tuition reimbursement for continuing education, attending conferences and seminars and internal cross-training programs. After one year of employment, the credit union reimburses full-time employees for two business related classes per semester or trimester.

"Employees have opportunities to apply for any internal open position and can prepare themselves through cross training and job shadow supported and scheduled by their managers," said Dimma. "In addition, managers and executives continually meet with employees to discuss career goals and interests to encourage an employee's growth within the company."

Another cornerstone of Michigan State University FCU's culture is relationship building. Employees are invited to an annual dinner to honor individuals for years of service and to underscore credit union achievements accomplished as a team. Dimma said approximately 95% of employees attend this event.

During the summer, employees are invited to bring their family and friends to a carnival-themed picnic at the CU's headquarters. Attractions include photo booths, face painting, an inflatable obstacle course, and a rock climbing wall, among other activities.

"Aside from companywide events, each department has a fun committee responsible for organizing fun events during and outside work for employees to attend and build relationships," said Dimma.

To ensure the executive team understands employees' thoughts and concerns, an open forum is provided. "We ask employees to provide feedback about their job and how they feel about the credit union in annual surveys," said Dimma. "We are an organization that cares about each other and takes time to listen and help one another."

Founded in 1937, the CU currently operates 15 branches serving more than 200, 000 members.

No. 8: Granite Credit Union
Assets: $371M
Rank in asset category (between $200M-$500M): 3
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
No. of employees: 98
CEO: Lynn Kuehne

Pictured: Granite CU Team. Executive Team at Granite Credit Union. Top Row left to right is Lynn Kuehne (CEO), Paul Metcalf (CFO) and Mark Young (VP Human Resources). Seated left to right: Mary Woodard (COO), Linda White (Administrative Assistant) and Julie Morgan (VP Risk Management). Not pictured Jim Davis (CLO).

Celebrating its 80th year in business, Granite Credit Union supports its 98 employees through various programs including the "POP" (Path of Progression) training program. Now in its second year, POP was designed to better prepare employees to serve members and fill open positions.

"There are many tellers who have grown in their position advancing from Teller I to Teller II to Teller III," said Granite CU's VP of Human Resources Mark Young. "In recent months, we have had seven tellers, who have worked here less than two years, who have followed the program and been promoted to new positions."

Granite CU's goal of furthering employees careers doesn't stop with POP. The CU offers a tuition reimbursement program, which covers up to 50% of all costs for employees who receive an A to B grade and 40% for those receiving B- to C grades.

"This reimbursement is available immediately for employees on finance or business related degrees or courses," said Young. "After five years of employment the amounts of reimbursement go up to 80% for an A to B and 70% for a B- to C grade."

This year, Granite CU also launched the "Employee Care" program. Young explained that the executive team looks to assist employees who are facing challenges, such as a death of family member or pet to challenges with taking care of an elderly family member.

"We try to look for opportunities where our employees have stress outside of the workplace where we can show we care," said Young. "We have sent flowers with gift cards for a favorite restaurant. We have paid loan payments after a spouse lost a job. No one acknowledges where it comes from. If people ask, we just say that it is great to have friends at the Granite Credit Union."

Founded in 1935, the CU currently operates eight branches serving more than 31, 000 members.

No. 9: Logix Federal Credit Union
Assets: $4.1 billion
Rank in asset category (more than $1B): 3
Location: Burbank, CA
No. of employees: 545
CEO: Dan Styler

Pictured: Logix FCU Team. Annual Awards Banquet with a ComicCon theme. Dave Styler CEO (Captain America), General Counsel Wayne Schulman (Mr. Incredible), EVP CAO Andrea Carpenter (Cat Woman) a with five of our Board Members.

Logix Federal Credit Union Annual Awards event and dinner this year was attended by Captain America, Cat Woman and Mr. Incredible, or so it seemed. CEO Dave Styler, CAO Andrea Carpenter and Wayne Schulman, respectively, attended the ComicCon-themed gala dressed as their favorite comic heroes.

"We typically have 90% of staff participate in the Annual Awards Event, most of whom dress up to reflect the event theme," said Styler. He added that in years past themes included Western and the 1970s.

There is also CU-sponsored bi-annual Training Day, where random teams learn about products and services, while developing leadership skills and teamwork. They compete for prizes, which include a day off work. Other employee-geared initiatives include tuition reimbursement for part-time and full-time employees and leadership development programs for employees interested in developing related skills.

Logix FCU also has a promote-from-within philosophy with more than 17% of employees promoted from within—31% of those promoted to currently occupy management positions. "We also offer an Employee Mortgage Discount program, which has helped many of our employees realize the dream of homeownership," said Styler.

"We know that happy employees provide superior service, and we constantly receive feedback from members that they love dealing with our staff, because they're always so happy and pleasant," said Styler. "Our vision is to have our members promote Logix as the best place to bank, and employees who promote Logix as the best place to work."

Founded in 1937, the CU currently operates 15 branches serving more than 131, 000 members.

No. 10: Local Government Federal Credit Union
Assets: $1.5 billion
Rank in asset category (more than $1B): 4
Location: Raleigh, NC
No. of employees: 142
President/CEO: Maurice Smith

Pictured: Local Government FCU, Raleigh, N.C., received a "One Ton Club" certificate from the Urban Ministries of Wake County for its 2015 donation of 6,405 lbs. of food.

When a new employee is hired at Local Government Federal Credit Union, he or she is introduced and welcomed at a "New Staff Breakfast" event. As part of the new hire process, LGFCU's President Maurice Smith also meets with each new staff member. The goal is to encourage employee engagement.

"The Executive Leadership at LGFCU considers employees the best and brightest, and an integral resource and asset," said Local Government FCU Public Relations Manager Donna Gonyeau. "Through listening to employees and providing development opportunities, an LGFCU employee has the support they need to develop their talents and grow with the credit union."

The CU, which aims to always promote from within, provides several opportunities for professional growth, including a tuition reimbursement benefit. As part of its overall benefits package, Local Government FCU provides an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). And every fall, the CU sponsors a Benefits and Wellness event where employees learn about healthy life-style choices and receive a flu shot (if they choose).

Staff members are also encouraged to find opportunities to engage in community initiatives. Employees regularly participate in a community food sustainability vent every spring. Over the past two years, Local Government FCU collected more than three tons of food and has been recognized as one of the top 10 corporate contributors for the donation recipient, noted Gonyeau.

"The event is an opportunity for employees to participate in being a part of providing resources for families and individuals in the community who otherwise would not have a sustainable food source," said Gonyeau. "Employees are provided with necessary training, opportunities to advance, educational opportunities and staff development that creates a deep trust and loyalty."

Founded in 1983, the CU currently operates 250 branches serving more than 240, 000 members.

No. 11: Texas Tech Federal Credit Union
Assets: $114 million
Rank in asset category (less than $200M): 1
Location: Lubbock, TX
No. of employees: 56
CEO: Chris Hutson

Pictured: TTFCU Closeup (Left to Right) Russell Dabbs (board member), Eric Lundberg (CFO), Chris Hutson (CEO), Kim Turner (board member), Raider Red (Texas Tech University Mascot), Andy Burcham (board member),Dale Duhan (board member), Ronald Phillips (Board Chairman) and Jacob Hubik (CLO).

If you are employed at Texas Tech Federal Credit Union and it's your birthday, take the day off with pay. With its core values of Trust, Respect, Excellence, Kindness, and Stewardship (TREKS), Texas Tech FCU employees are also encouraged to volunteer at local non-profit organizations.

"Each employee is allowed one paid day per quarter to serve in our community," said Texas Tech FCU Human Resources Director Tyler Young. "So far in 2015, we've had over 230 volunteer hours committed to various organizations."

Young explains that a few times a year, the CU promotes fun outings for employees and their families. Recent outings included picnics, sporting events and dinner meet-ups at local restaurants.

Four times a year, the CU selects an Employee of the Quarter (EOQ). Nominations are directly related to how the employee has demonstrated Texas Tech FCU's core values in service to its members and in their role in the organization, noted Young.

"Each EOQ is given a personalized award and a paid day off. Each EOQ is then eligible to be named Employee of the Year at the annual Christmas Party," said Young. "Our Employee of the Year receives a personalized award and a check for $500 dollars."

Founded in 1959, the CU currently operates four branches serving more than 11,000 members.

No. 12: Town & Country Federal Credit Union
Assets: $297 million
Rank in asset category (between $200M-$500M): 4
Location: Scarborough, ME
No. of employees: 100
President/CEO: David Libby

Pictured: Town & Country Federal Credit Union employees enjoying Employee Appreciation week in June 2015.

Employees at Town & County Federal Credit Union who enjoy a tasty beer or reading a juicy novel are in luck. The CU developed an "employee experience team" that regularly meets to create fun outings that employees can attend together like monthly book clubs or touring the local brewery.

"Our credit union supports employees in a number of different ways, all working together to create a well-rounded approach to employee engagement," said Town & Country FCU's Vice President and Chief People Officer Nicole Sears

With a focus on career development and advancement, the CU offers employees a host of training options from off-site leadership classes, conferences and internal SME training. "We encourage employees to inquire about any training opportunities they are interested in regardless of tenure or position," said Sears.

Back in 2011, Town & Country's annual holiday party only attracted half of its 100 employees. The following year employees were asked to create a committee and plan the event. With an ugly sweater contest as a focus point, the following year's party welcomed 95% of all employees.

"Our holiday party and summer outing are talked about not only among employees but also their friends and even the places we've hosted the parties," said Sears. The good holiday cheer and summer fun in the sun has had other impacts as well.

Since incorporating more employee events, Sear said the CU employee turnover rate drop from 10% five years ago to holding at 4% for the last few years. "We've also doubled the amount of employees we have," said Sears. "We continue to see our employee engagement numbers climb with last year being the highest ever at 98%."

Founded in 1953, the CU currently operates six branches and one corporate center serving more than 25,000 members.

No. 13: America First Credit Union
Assets: $7 billion
Rank in asset category (more than $1B): 5
Location: Riverdale, UT
No. of employees: 2,400
President/CEO: John B. Lund

Pictured: America First CU Team. Board of Directors, Volunteers and Senior Management with partners celebrating the 75th Anniversary of America First Credit Union at the original sight it was organized in 1939.

When America First Credit Union's SVP of Human Resources G. Kent Streuling's mother passed away, he was emotionally overwhelmed and financially stretched. He turned to the CU's "Care-A-Lot" program.

"I was having a hard time financially because of my mom's medical needs, I just didn't know how in the world I would be able get all this paid," said Streuling. "Luckily I was able to ask for help from The Care-A-Lot team and without second thought and hesitation, they helped me to pay part of my mom's funeral."

Streuling said he is not alone as many employees have turned to the program in times of great need. He added this is but one way that America First CU embodies the industry ethos: people helping people.

To help boast company morale, the CU hosts a bevy of outings. These include the Annual Summer Social when the CU rents the local amusement park for an exclusive event for employees and their families. On the Friday prior to the Fourth of July, the CU has Picnic in the Parkway featuring a hamburger and hotdog barbeque. And on the Friday before Christmas, the CU treats employees to a prime rib/ham buffet. Throughout the year employees are also offered free or discount tickets to AAA Baseball's Salt Lake Bees and NBA's Utah Jazz, among others events.

"We strive to create an atmosphere and culture that fosters an environment where people feel safe and secure," said Streuling.

America First CU places great value on continuing education. The CU offers tuition reimbursement for certain programs, including Management in Motion, a supervisory training class to help build the skill sets of future leaders within the credit union. Aside from the annual conference where managers are brought together with key note speakers to help develop leadership skills, certain employees are afforded the opportunity to attend regional and national conferences and workshops.

Streuling added that the CU's online internal Learning Management System/University allows for effective training of its 2,400 employees. "These include mandatory/regulatory issues, pre-work for one-on-one/classroom training when necessary and voluntary educational opportunities that employees may wish to participate in to enhance their skill sets."

Founded in 1939, the CU currently operates 112 branches serving more than 647, 000 members.

No. 14: Omni Community Credit Union
Assets: $335million
Rank in asset category (between $200M-$500M): 5
Location: Battle Creek, MI
No. of employees: 107
President/CEO: Ted Parsons

Pictured: OMNI Community CU, Battle Creek, Mich., awarded $3,000 to The Battle Creek Veterans Chapter of AMBUCS (American Business Clubs) to purchase AmTrykes, therapeutic tricycles for the disabled.

On an employee's first day of work at OMNI Community Credit Union, the executive team introduces its Shared Value Model, which is based on a three-pronged approach integrating team members (employees), members and the community.

"We want our team members to know our purpose as an organization, as it helps our team to develop passion and engagement with our members and the community," said OMNI Community CU Human Resources Manager Patty Neff.

The Shared Value Model is part and parcel to the CU's mission of furthering career advancement from within. In 2014, the CU had 19 position openings 18 of which were filled from within the organization. "Our current leadership team consists of 29 leaders, 26 of those leaders or 90% were internal promotions," said Neff.

This year the CU added a Training Manager position. The initiative was based on feedback from team members who desired more training and knowledge. "We are hoping to improve our on-boarding and retention with the addition of this position," noted Neff. Team leaders also participate in local community leadership development initiatives, Dale Carnegie training and regional and national conferences.

The CU also offers a Retail Star Award, which recognizes team members for outstanding performance in a variety of categories such as the highest loan volume. Winners receive a trophy, $50 Visa Gift Card and lunch provided by their manager.

Aside from offering team members EAP and a Wellness Program, OMNI Community CU also provides an educational assistance program for tuition reimbursement. Additionally, a Nursing Mothers Room is available and flexible hours are offered to accommodate school events or for taking family members to medical appointments.

Throughout the year, OMNI Community CU hosts employee morale boosting events. These outings include Team Enrichment Day and Spring Fling. The latter features an appreciation dinner event in which team members bring a guest for a night of fun with dinner, drinks, with fabulous giveaways and prizes, explained Neff.

"The team members call each other 'OMNI Family.' Our employees really value the sense of greater purpose their careers provide them," said Neff. "OMNI isn't just a place to work; it's a place to belong, where their work is meaningful and valued."

Founded in 1951, the CU currently operates eight branches serving more than 33, 000 members.

No. 15: Vibrant Credit Union
Assets: $500 million
Rank in asset category (between $500M-$1B): 4
Location: Moline, IL
No. of employees: 165
CEO: Matt McCombs

Pictured: Vibrant CU Team. Featured in this photo are many members of our management and leadership team as well as employees: Matt McCombs (President/CEO), Ryan Soedt (Chief Financial Officer), Steve Ducey (Chief Experience Officer), Steve McAtee (Chief Information Officer), Lisa Heinisch (VP Talent Management), Melissa Brown (VP Administration), Liz Cox (Marketing Manager), Jon Brunner (Consumer Underwriting Manager), Adam Belman (Clinton Branch Manager), Jessica Jacks (Bettendorf Branch Manager) and Joanie Dean (Milan Branch Manager).

At Vibrant Credit Union, employees aren't just another "face in the crowd;" rather they are the focus of the executive leadership team.

"We look to hire and employ only the best and the brightest, those committed to enhancing the culture put in place by today's employees," said Vibrant CU Marketing Manager Elizabeth Cox.

Every morning Vibrant CU employees participate in a "motivational moment." Cox explained that these 15-minute company meetings can be anything from musical chairs to a paper airplane contest. "The only rules are that everybody must participate and nobody is allowed to talk shop.

In an effort to further respective employees careers, Vibrant CU has instituted educational programs including: Leadership Development Program, Tuition Reimbursement Program, Corporate Cruise (a day long shadow of all corporate departments), job shadowing, Branch Ambassador Days, Departmental Training and Individual Development Plans.

"When it comes to talent development our CEO, Matt McCombs, is always making sure staff is in the best position to utilize their talent," said Cox. "Annually he meets with each individual employee to discuss their thoughts on the company, growth opportunities and to keep lines of communication open."

Cox noted that Vibrant CU managers are enrolled in Dale Carnegie courses. Selected employees also attend the Integrity Integrated's Leadership Academy, host and participate in Quad City Network event and represented the CU at the Network Symposium and other professional development events.

"Employees are looked at for what they put into the organization, not for how long they have worked here," said Cox. "Vibrant has fostered a culture that does not just value what you contribute to the company, but also values each individual as a person."

Founded in 1935, the CU currently operates eight branches serving more than 40, 000 members.

No. 16: Los Angeles Police Federal Credit Union
Assets: $832 million
Rank in asset category (between $500M-$1B): 5
Location: Van Nuys, CA
No. of employees: 153
CEO: G. Michael Padgett

Pictured: Staff from Van Nuys, Calif.-based Los Angeles Police FCU volunteered their time to run a "Bite of Reality" event for 55 teenagers.

This year the Los Angeles Police Federal Credit Union launched a new employee program: SPROUT with LAPFCU where the staff is coached by other employees and members of management.

"This is a voluntary program where employees complete coursework on their personal time," said LAPFCU CEO G. Michael Padgett. "This program has had great success with 24 employees (16% of our staff) participating since it was rolled out in March of this year."

To date, several employees have been promoted and/or hired to new positions within the credit union as a result of the new skills they acquired, he added. "In addition, we host a voluntary, monthly lunchtime learning series on a variety of personal and professional development topics."

Over last 10 years LAPFCU has been recognized eight times as a best place to work by local, state and national associations. These designations resulted, in part, from employees bringing LAPFCU's culture to its community. Employee volunteerism programs include Citizens in a Proud Tradition, which provides staff with an opportunity to volunteer to assist law enforcement and other community groups.

"We reimburse staff for a set number of hours that they volunteer, but we've found they go well beyond the number of reimbursable hours," said LAPFCU Vice President of Marketing and Business Development Manny Padilla, Jr. "Staff have shared they learned a lot about our sponsor group and are more fulfilled in their jobs because of their volunteer efforts and the rewards they experience by serving others."

The CU also offers a robust total compensation package valued at market rate plus 10% to attract, retain and reward exceptional associates, noted LAPFCU Manager of Human Resources Janet Gaspard. She added that the package includes an annual performance-based bonus for all associates, a generous retirement plan valued at 20% of pay, as well as a wide array of additional perks.

"We reimburse staff for continuing education efforts and encourage participation in numerous credit union schools, including CUES and CUNA. We have seen first-hand the benefits to the credit union and to our employees by providing this support," said Gaspard. "And, we host numerous staff luncheons throughout the year and host monthly breakfast Thursdays which helps to keep them well-fed!"

Founded in 1936, the CU currently operates four branches serving more than 39, 000 members.

Rank in asset category (more than $1B): 6
Number of Employees: 578
CEO: Larry Tobin

Pictured: FAIRWINDS FCU is the naming sponsor on University of Central Florida's alumni center.

Why employees love to work here:

  • Employee and family social functions: annual all-inclusive holiday party for employee and guest (2014 Venue was the Cheyenne Saloon) and summer event for entire family (2014 venue was the Sanford Zoo)
  • Generous contributions towards benefit programs (over $1,000 per month towards employee plus family medical coverage for full-time employees, 401(k) match up to 5% of pay and over $5,000 per year toward education assistance)
  • Work-life balance demonstrated through 10 paid vacation days upon hire (increases to 15, 20 and 25 based on seniority), 10 paid holidays and 13 sick days per year
  • Ability to utilize unused sick hours to reimburse for personal and dependent health and wellness expenses. Expenses include deductibles, co-pays, gym memberships, exercise equipment, weight-loss programs and smoking cessation, just to name a few.
  • Holiday wish program: throughout the month of December employees submit wishes for themselves or loved ones to be granted by others. Several large wishes are granted by the CEO at our annual holiday party (trips, appliances, etc.).
  • Unique rewards for performance: three-day cruise to Bahamas with a guest for President's Club recipients and theme park day with the CEO while executives work the department for achieving departmental goals.
No. 18: Boston Firefighters CU
Rank in asset category (between $200M-$500M): 6
Number of Employees: 29
CEO: Bernie Winne

Why employees love to work here:

  • Birthday as a paid day off
  • Holiday party
  • "Thank you" Events
No. 19: Spokane Federal Credit Union
Assets: $138 million
Rank in asset category (less than $200M): 2
Location: Spokane, WA
No. of employees: 46
CEO: Susan Blain

Pictured: Spokane FCU Mgmt Team Caption: From left to right clockwise: Joe Murcar (VP of Finance), Susan Blain (CEO), Jana Farace (VP of Member Service) and Charlotte Nemec (VP of Administration).

With a committee dedicated to planning events and programs so employees feel appreciated, Spokane Federal Credit Union regularly holds staff events at its branches and outside locations. And in order to better understand the thoughts and concerns of employees, every month a meeting is held for all 46 employees.

"At our Management Breakfast, for example, the management team cooks breakfast for everyone," said Spokane Federal CU Human Resources Director Megan Shover. "There is also an employee BBQ and potluck dinners."

In July, the potluck event has a Luau theme with Hawaiian shirts, leis and traditional music (think Don Ho). There is also "FISH! Day." Shover explained this is a full-day event that includes employees working while participating in work-centric games and activities that include prizes. At the end-of-year holiday party, every employee receives a gift. "Each employee also receives a 'Thank You Note' box that we utilize to write notes of appreciation to our co-workers," said Shover.

Spokane Federal CU budgets an allowance for travel and conference expenses, which allows selected management and non-management employees to attend industry specific and job specific conferences, workshops and training events.

"We've had five staff members who have been thru NWCUA's Emerging Leaders program in 2014 and 2015. We've sponsored three members of our Executive Management team who have graduated from CUNA Management School," said Shover. "Spokane Federal CU provides the time away from the office, as well as financial support, when needed, for all of these activities. When it's important to those individuals, it's important to the credit union too and it's a win for everyone!"

Founded in 1956, the CU currently operates two branches serving more than 12,000 members.

No. 20: Bay FCU
Rank in asset category (between $500M-$1B): 6
Number of Employees: 196
CEO: Carrie Birkhofer

Pictured: Bay FCU, Capitola, Calif., celebrated 30 years of volunteer service by Bob Bugalski on its board of directors by naming its headquarters' board room the Robert A. Bugalski Board Room.

Why employees love to work here:

  • Employee wellness program with awesome prizes
  • Annual employee appreciation party and company picnic with families
  • Milestone anniversary award and recognition
  • Participation in fun events that benefit local non-profit organizations
  • Quarterly all-staff off-site meetings with breakfast
No. 21: Weber State Credit Union
Assets: $101.3 million
Rank in asset category (less than $200M): 3
Location: Ogden, UT
No. of employees: 42
CEO: Vickie van der Have

Pictured: Members of Weber State Credit Union management stand behind the commemorative medallion marking Weber State University's 125th year. From left to right: Brock Mortensen (CFO), Ben Christensen (CIO), Vickie van der Have (CEO), Spencer Kitchen (director of member experience), Paul Fixmer (COO), and Roger Dickson (director of community engagement).

A few years ago, Weber State Credit Union's management became concerned that employees were lacking resources and encouragement to properly prepare for retirement. With the understanding that planning for retirement, especially for younger employees, is difficult, a broker was consulted and a plan was born.

"We increased the frequency of our education meetings, instituted on-site, one-on-one appointments for employees to discuss portfolios with the broker, and also ramped up our efforts to share links to webinars, tools and readings," said Weber State CU Director of Member Experience Spencer Kitchen. "In the end, employee participation with our 401(k) plan increased from 29% to 50% in two months."

Kitchen said that without motivated, dedicated, and responsible employees, it would be impossible for Weber State CU to deliver the high quality service that it's members deserve. To this end, the CU invests in the recruitment, training and recognition processes for the benefit of all employees.

"When we are in a strategic planning session working out ways to improve members' lives, we draw upon our employees' experiences," said Kitchen. "In many of our projects, we insist member-facing staff are included in the discovery through implementation phases so that we include the daily needs and experiences of members."

Founded in 1957, the CU currently operates four branches serving more than 9,000 members.

No. 22: Lake Michigan CU
Rank in asset category (more than $1B): 7
Number of Employees: 859
CEO: Sandra Jelinski

Why employees love to work here:

  • This organization provides me with opportunities to make positive contributions to the community.
  • This organization welcomes diversity in people, experiences and ideas.
  • I am generally able to balance job requirements and personal/family life.
  • Monthly P.R.I.D.E.culture days
  • Disaster program for effected staff.
No. 23: Landings Credit Union
Assets: $145 million
Rank in asset category (less than $200M): 4
Location: Tempe, AZ
No. of employees: 62
CEO: Margaret Hunnicutt

Pictured: Landgins CU Team. "College Colors Day" celebration. From left to right Karen Barton (Chief Administrative Officer), Adrianne Rexius (Chief Human Resource Officer) Brian Lee (Chief Financial Officer), Margaret Hunnicutt (CEO) and Bill Conti (Chief Operations Officer).

When Tempe Schools Credit Union changed its name to Landings Credit Union in 2013, employees were treated to a surprising, atypical industry event.

"We revealed the name by taking all the employees by bus to a movie theater where we rolled out the red carpet and had an Oscar themed presentation," said Chief Human Resource Officer Adrianne Rexius. "Seeing the whole process presented on the big screen and the staff's response was amazing."

In an effort to build teams and create a fun work environment, Landings CU employees have participated in marshmallow fights and water balloons fights. Additionally, there is an annual employee appreciation event.

Every quarter, Landings CU CEO Margaret Hunnicutt holds an off-site breakfast meeting. Approximately 10 non-management staff members are selected at random to attend each breakfast. Hunnicutt address any questions or concerns an employee may have and listens to any ideas or feedback.

"The CEO uses the information to help transform their [employee] ideas into a better work environment," said Rexius. "This is a great opportunity and forum for our staff to get to know our senior leader and for our senior leader to get to know the employees better too."

While Rexius noted that many organizations claim to support a "family" atmosphere, she said that Landings CU embodies this ethos.

"Whether it is supporting an employee who has a family member fighting an illness, raising money to replace items that were stolen from an employee's home, purchasing gift cards so an employee knows where their next meal is coming from, we are all willing to step up, support one another and help in any way we can," she said.

Founded in 1953, the CU currently operates three branches serving more than 14,000 members.

No. 24: PeopleChoice Credit Union
Assets: $164 million
Rank in asset category (less than $200M): 5
Location: Saco, ME
No. of employees: 51
President/CEO: Luke Labbe

Pictured: PeoplesChoice CU has an annual holiday party for its staff. The CU's president selects the "head elf" who then selects "secret helper elves." Shown here are last year's elves.

PeoplesChoice Credit Union's culture supports a healthy work-life balance. The CU provides a fully equipped in-house gym and offers a Health and Wellness Reimbursement of $150 per year. Additionally, the CU offers two highly interactive health-centric events each year.

"One is our 100 miles in 100 days Walking Wellness Program. Employees track and record their mileage for 100 days. Prizes are awarded weekly along with inspirational emails to keep up the pace," said VP of Human Resources Shannon Kashinsky. "A grand prize is drawn randomly from the list of participants who reported weekly mileage and who met or exceeded 100 miles as well as a participatory prize for all."

Employees also receive annual recognition awards, years of service awards that include charity donations in the employee's name. Kashinsky said the CU also provides family friendly benefits. One example is its annual flu shot clinic.

"We offer tuition reimbursement, paid professional memberships and tiered graduation incentives for Associate's, Bachelor's and Master's degrees," said Kashinsky. "We have a referral program and an in-house Leadership Academy to groom the next generation of PCU leaders."

In an effort to inspire and empower, PeoplesChoice CU CEO Luke Labbe reaches out to every employee every day.

"The president starts each work day with a communique to every employee setting the tone; inspiration to cheer us on, nostalgia to help us remember how far we've progressed, heartwarming to keep us centered, and funny to keep us smiling, optimistic and engaged," said Kashinsky.

Founded in 1963, the CU currently operates four branches serving nearly 20,000 members.

No. 25: Atomic CU
Rank in asset category (between $200M-$500M): 7
Number of Employees: 146
CEO: Thomas Griffiths

Why employees love to work here:

  • Atomic contributes 10% of the employee's annual salary to 401k on a quarterly basis
  • Annual Christmas Bonus
  • 100% of employee's health premium paid by the credit union; 90% of dependent's health premium paid by the credit union
  • Friday Dress Down Days; employee contributions go to support Ohio Credit Union Legislative Action Committee
  • Fun Days: OSU/Michigan Day, NCAA Tournament Day, Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest
  • Full-time employees receive their birthday off with pay; part-time employees receive four hours off with pay for their birthday
No. 26: Icon CU
Rank in asset category (between $200M-$500M): 8
Number of Employees: 94
CEO: Connie Miller

Pictured: Icon CU staff enjoy the annual all-staff camping trip.

Why employees love to work here:

  • ICamp — annual camping trip
  • Individual coffee date with the CEO during the first week of employment
  • 40 hours of volunteer time per year
  • Icon's culture is lived by: Respect, Leadership, Enthusiasm, Integrity, Drive
  • The work-life balance is No. 1. You need the time off, take it.
  • Leadership team truly cares about all employees as individuals
No. 27: Los Angeles FCU
Rank in asset category (between $500M-$1B): 7
Number of Employees: 146
CEO: John T. Dea

Pictured: Los Angeles FCU, in partnership with the American Red Cross Los Angeles Region, hosted a Bloodmobile Drive at its Glendale branch.

Why employees love to work here:

  • 0% Interest Free Employee Loans
  • Jeans on Fridays
  • Complimentary, unlimited coffee
  • Frequent potlucks
  • Community volunteer opportunities during work hours
No. 28: Coastal FCU
Rank in asset category (more than $1B): 8
Number of Employees: 439
CEO: Chuck Purvis

Pictured: Coastal employees show their support for the "Don't Tax My Credit Union" initiative.

Why employees love to work here:

  • Annual employee and volunteer appreciation party; this year all employees/volunteers (plus one guest per person) were invited to a casino party that included casino games, food and beverages, and dancing with a live band!
  • Wellness program that includes an annual $100 reimbursement, quarterly fitness classes and challenges, Lunch & Learns, free onsite health screenings, family friendly events, an online community forum, and so much more!
  • Coastal provides retirement education meetings for all employees
  • Coastal's headquarters has a "Reading & Relaxing" room for employees to access when they need a break
  • Coastal's headquarters has a fitness center for employees to access before, during, or after work; the fitness center has adjoined locker rooms with showers
  • Mad City Money — a program designed to teach life circumstances and money management to teens of employees and our members
No. 29: Goldenwest CU
Rank in asset category (more than $1B): 9
Number of Employees: 426
CEO: Kerry H. Wahlen

Pictured: Goldenwest CU, Ogden, Utah, marked the official opening of its second branch in St George, Utah with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Why employees love to work here:

  • Low-cost and convenient health benefits
  • Family-oriented organization
  • Job security
  • Wellness program (Hubbub Health)
  • My Sales Rewards (sales culture)
  • Community outreach (5K for Schools, Sub-For-Santa, etc.)
No. 30: Reliant FCU
Rank in asset category (less than $200M): 6
CEO: Steve Higginson

Why employees love to work here:

  • Four-day weekend for Thanksgiving. This is time with the family.
  • Employee appreciation week
  • offering scholarship for education covering 100% of tuition and books
  • Employee discount on loan rates
  • Bingo and Trivia email days
  • generous 12 sick days a year and vacation time earned every payday
No. 31: Island FCU
Rank in asset category (between $500M-$1B): 8
Number of Employees: 111
CEO: Bret W. Sears

Pictured: The Island "Wave" team, comprised of management, employees, family and friends, participate in the Long Island Run for the Warrior to raise funds for Hope For The Warriors.

Why employees love to work here:

  • Employee-choice logo wear
  • Accommodating schedules
  • Excellent benefits, vacation time and holiday schedule
No. 32: Deseret First CU
Rank in asset category (between $200M-$500M): 9
Number of Employees: 179
CEO: Shane London

Pictured: Deseret First CU, Salt Lake City, opened a high-tech branch in Provo, Utah, that will serve local residents and students at nearby Brigham Young University.

Why employees love to work here:

  • Monthly lunches and activities celebrating fun events, such as: Office Olympics week, National Tortilla Chip Day, BYU and University of Utah contests, Halloween costume contests, free university sporting tickets, piñatas, summer parties and Easter egg hunts.
  • Volunteer Day: All full-time employees get one paid day per year where they can volunteer for a charitable organization. We organize one event per quarter where employees can go as a group and volunteer.
  • Wellness Challenges: We sponsor DFCU employees to run in the Wasatch Back Ragnar, we have an annual Biggest Loser competition with monetary prizes, a wellness game board where employees complete various wellness challenges, and an annual health fair.
  • MDLive: The CU pays for this benefit for all employees and their dependents. They have access to a board-certified medical doctor via telephone or video conference. This service is available 24/7, 365 days a year and works with local pharmacies.
  • Paid time off: We understand that people have lives outside of work. We value work/life balance and offer a generous PTO policy for all employees (18-36 days for full-time employees). There is no waiting period for new employees.
  • Employee Advantage Account: We offer perks such as discounted loan rates on consumer loans, credit cards, overdrafts, and in-house mortgage products. We offer discounted fees and mass transit passes. We offer free checks and a free identity theft product.
No. 33: EECU
Rank in asset category (more than $1B): 10
Number of Employees: 324
CEO: Lonnie Nicholson

Pictured: EECU Credit Union, Fort Worth, Texas, joined its business member Eyeworks Group and officials from the City of Fort Worth to break ground on a new Eyeworks facility.

Why employees love to work here:

  • Excellent benefits at little cost to employees
  • Opportunities to earn more through sales incentives or bonuses
  • Employee recognition for great service
  • Wellness walking challenges throughout the year
  • Opportunities to serve community organizations and schools
  • Opportunities to contribute to policy and training development
No. 34: Quorum FCU
Rank in asset category (between $500M-$1B): 9
Number of Employees: 119
CEO: Bruno Sementilli

Pictured: Quorum FCU's operations team were the winners of the CU's Holiday Pod Decorating Contest.

Why employees love to work here:

  • Great work-life balance/ ability to telecommute
  • Great recognition programs
  • Company parties
  • Discounts on company products (mortgages, certain fees waived or reduced)
  • Open floor plan which allows employees to work anywhere they like (Bistro, Lounge, etc.)
  • "Suprise & Delight" company sponsored events (Game Night, Beer tasting, Candy bar, etc.)
No. 35: Nymeo FCU
Rank in asset category (between $200M-$500M): 10
Number of Employees: 79
CEO: Victoria Johnston

Pictured: Nymeo employees help out at a local school food pantry as part of the CU's partnership with the Maryland Food Bank.

Why employees love to work here:

  • Flex schedules and telecommuting
  • Holiday parties and happy hours
  • Great leave benefits
  • Paid volunteer time to work at events Nymeo sponsors in the community
  • Wellness program that offers discounts on insurance premiums
  • Casual Fridays
No. 36: Colorado CU
Rank in asset category (less than $200M): 7
Number of Employees: 48
CEO: Mike Williams

Why employees love to work here:

  • Holiday party
  • Employee events
  • Employee recognition for birthday's anniversaries, promotions, etc.
  • College gear days
  • Broncos gear days
  • Jean Fridays
No. 37: Point Breeze CU
Rank in asset category (between $500M-$1B): 10
Number of Employees: 96
CEO: Bernard McLaughlin

Pictured: Point Breeze CU, Hunt Valley, Md., sponsored a program through Baltimore non-profit Arts Every Day that allowed city students to take part in large-scale art installations.

Why employees love to work here:

  • Causal Fridays and Saturdays with company-provided casual attire.
  • 401K plan with company match and years of service bonus
  • Holiday party with gifts for each employee and door prizes
  • Halloween costume contest with prizes
  • Pizza Fridays
  • Departmental superlative awards
No. 38: TruStone Financial CU
Rank in asset category (over $1B): 11
Number of Employees: 268
CEO: Tim Bosiacki

Pictured: TruStone Financial CU, Plymouth, Minn., awarded $11,000 in scholarships to eight students from high schools in Minnesota and Wisconsin: two $2,500 scholarships and six $1,000 scholarships.

No. 39: Meadville FCU
Rank in asset category (less than $200M): 8
Number of Employees: 25
CEO: Heather Clancy-Young

Why employees love to work here:

  • Spirit week dress-up days
  • Participation in community events
  • Employee appreciation party at the end of the year
  • Onsite gym in Meadville location
  • Flip Flop Fridays in the summer
  • Standard "Bring Your Kid To Work Day" or if your family is in a distressed situation bring your kid to work day so you don't have to take time off if you don't want to.
No. 40: Lake Trust CU
Rank in asset category (more than $1B): 12
Number of Employees: 391
CEO: David Snodgrass

Pictured: Lake Trust CU, Lansing, Mich., was one of six Michigan credit unions to award $10,000 grand prizes to winners of the state's Save to Win program.

Why employees love to work here:

  • Great benefits, such as paid time off, health insurance, 401k, tuition reimbursement, MBA program, etc.
  • There are a lot of opportunities to advance.
  • Our experiences with our members, in helping to advance their financial success, and being part of and making a positive impact on our communities.
  • Each employee is given eight hours paid time off to volunteer for something they're passionate about. Last year, our team volunteered a total of 4,198 hours in our communities.
  • We have our "Enjoy Life" program, which connects employees with opportunities such as free career workshops with Cleary University, on-site manicures, massages, dry clean pick-up/drop-off, classes such as cooking and painting and more.
  • We have Lake Trust GO, which is a web and mobile discount platform. The app tracks, alerts and allows our employees (and members) to search out local discounts and deals at nearby restaurants and businesses.
No. 41: First CU
Rank in asset category (between $200M-$500M): 11
Number of Employees: 148
CEO: Jay Curtis

Why employees love to work here:

  • Promote employees from within our credit union
  • Exceptional benefits
  • Annual wellness event on-site
  • University of First Credit Union
  • Employee appreciation day
  • Cafe-like employee break room that includes quiet areas, flat screen TVs
No. 42: Michigan First CU
Rank in asset category (between $500M-$1B): 11
Number of Employees: 281
CEO: Michael Poulos

Pictured: Michigan First CU, Lathrup Village, Mich., opened its first Kroger in-store branch, with four additional locations coming this year.

Why employees love to work here:

  • Four annual team appreciation events celebrating team member successes
  • Concierge service provided to team members to be able to win at home and win at work
  • Team member perks and discounts; product and service discounts, tickets to community, sporting, concert and cultural events; access to financial advisor; 24/7/365 free fitness facility; financial incentives for performance
  • Recreation room, featuring ping pong, pool, air hockey, foosball, darts, music
  • Flawless Fabs Incentive Program — recognizing teller performance excellence
  • Leadership Academy/Toastmasters — three-year dedicated curriculum for leaders and aspiring leaders to improve skills in leadership, technology and communications, which also includes awards and graduation ceremony
No. 43: Power Financial CU
Rank in asset category (between $500M-$1B): 12
Number of Employees: 120
CEO: Allan Prindle

Pictured: Power Financial employees enjoy participating in a variety of community events.

Why employees love to work here:

  • Employee engagement
  • Celebrating successes (WOW's, success stories, certification achievements)
  • Great vacation/sick time benefits
  • "Power Builders" program and various team/company-wide activities
  • Annual Summer Fun Day for the employees children
  • Casual for a Cause jean day one time per month with proceeds going to a charity
No. 44: Security Service FCU
Rank in asset category (over $1B): 13
Number of Employees: 1,733
CEO: Jim Laffoon

Pictured: In San Antonio, the Security Service FCU Charitable Foundation donated $5,000 to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of South Central Texas to help with patient travel costs.

Why employees love to work here:

  • Denim days Friday, Saturday and Monday
  • Total Wellbeing Program
  • Rewards and recognition program
  • Gym memberships
  • Department challenges within our wellness program
  • On-site gym (corporate office only)
No. 45: Xceed Financial CU
Rank in asset category (between $500M-$1B): 13
Number of Employees: 179
CEO: Teresa Freeborn

Pictured: Xceed Financial CU, El Segundo, Calif., awarded 11 young members with $1,000 college scholarships.

Why employees love to work here:

  • Family Day
  • Paid time off
  • loan discounts
  • Wellness program
  • wardrobe, technology and wellness no interest advances
  • Team Xceed