Wells Fargo extends insider trader restrictions to more employees

Some 3,400 additional staffers in the treasury management group will be required to get pre-clearance before making trades. The policy change was driven in part by increased regulatory scrutiny, the bank said.

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Why coins are scarce and what government, banks are doing about it

The Federal Reserve, U.S. Mint and financial industry representatives are strongly considering a public call for Americans to deposit their spare change, among other fixes, to get coins circulating again. Meanwhile, banks of all sizes are getting creative at the local level.

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Congress wants to extend PPP, lenders ready to move on

Many bankers want to focus more on the forgiveness process, assessing the status of deferrals and pursuing traditional lending opportunities.

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BNP Paribas is latest bank to join IBM cloud project

The IBM-BNP collaboration and other new developments show that high-profile breaches haven't deterred banks from using the cloud to store data.

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Which fintechs will survive the pandemic?

Business models and adaptability will determine the success — or failure — of financial technology companies as they deal with fallout from the coronavirus outbreak.

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Big banks urge HUD to shelve redlining plan. Small banks say not so fast.

The national conversation around systemic racism has compelled large banks to withdraw support from the "disparate impact" proposal. But community banks maintain that the proposed reforms would reduce frivolous claims.

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Industry bristles at Biden proposal for public credit reporting agency

Banking and credit reporting groups say such an agency could politicize the reporting process. Consumer groups say it would offer consumers a necessary alternative.

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OCC allows banks to hold cryptocurrency assets for safekeeping

Responding to an unnamed bank that had sought the opinion, the regulatory agency issued an interpretive letter clarifying that an institution's custody services can be used for cryptographic keys and other digital currency-related assets.

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Uncertainty about CFPB has banks leery of small-dollar lending

Trump-appointed regulators gave the industry the green light to offer installment loans during the pandemic. But with concerns that the light could turn red in 2021, bankers remain extra cautious.

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U.S. Bank rolls out virtual assistant

Voice and text banking will be embedded in the Minneapolis bank's mobile app through a chatbot assistant that also caters to users with disabilities.

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