'Can it be that these people take themselves seriously?': Comments of the week

Readers weigh in on calls that regulators consider the financial risks from climate change, respond to Trump administration plans to overhaul the housing finance system, consider GOP strategy on the House Financial Services Committee and more.

Patrick McHenry
On the House GOP's strategy now that Democrats have control of the Financial Services Committee:

"Let's be honest. The only prayer we have that this committee doesn't become the most embarrassing, scalp-hunting, demagoguing group in DC (and that's saying a lot) is if the GOP pushes back. I'm not holding my breath."

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On Senate Democrats asking regulators to start including climate-related risks in their supervision of the financial system:

"Total silliness from clueless politicians. Note to Regulators: PLEASE don't pretend that climate change is a risk that can be measured. The Government shutdown was more productive than anything you might do here."

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Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio
Another reader weighs in on lawmakers asking the banking agencies to being assessing climate-related risks as part of their oversight:

"Can it be that these people take themselves seriously?"

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Dimon 2017
On JPMorgan's Jamie Dimon saying he supports tax hikes for the rich as long as the revenue is used wisely:

" more Jamie. Have at it. Have CNN go live to the press conference where you write that huge check to the government and encourage your rich friends to do the same. But... I'm guessing that's not going to happen. No, the rich will continue to pay millions to tax attorneys to protect their billions... and increased taxes will, as always, fall on folks working their tails off to earn a living. It's depressing to read that a leader in the banking industry is saying these things."

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Another reader weighs in on Dimon's comments regarding a tax increase for the wealthy:

"The problem is that AOC and Warren won't stop at the rich. AOC needs more money than her tax plan to soak the rich will bring in so at some point, she'll need to go for the not so rich. Can't believe Jamie is falling for this smoke and mirrors. Better off donating to worthy causes than letting the government dictate where the funds should go."

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Comptroller of the Currency Joseph Otting
On a look at how acting Federal Housing Finance Agency Director Joseph Otting could overhaul the housing finance system without help from Congress:

"Sorry shareholders but receivership with repealed charters is the cleanest legal option. Once they are essentially liquidated it would spawn legislative action for a replacement and disbursement of assets. My vote would be to leverage FHLBs. The new "son of GSE" could then be given a new charter, an explicit guarantee, and a stronger regulatory framework such as the Large Bank Supervision program."

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