What does the FIS-Worldpay deal mean for banks?
A customer holds a contactless debit card issued by HSBC near a Worldpay payment terminal.
The companies could bring something new, such as merchant acquiring to community banks, but their merger could also cause anxiety about giant vendors.

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What's behind OCC's public rebuke of Wells Fargo?
Tim Sloan, president and chief executive officer of Wells Fargo, attends an event on opening day at Hudson Yards in New York on March 15, 2019.
Federal regulators normally hesitate even to name specific institutions, but the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency appears to be taking a different tack with Wells.

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JPMorgan commits $350M to job training programs
JPMorgan Chase said it wants to improve training for technology-related jobs and help community college programs. The five-year initiative is one of several the company has announced in recent years in the name of community development.

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Citibank mortgage discount program violated Fair Housing Act: OCC
Citibank branch
The bank was fined $25 million for what the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency said was an inability to provide the discounts to all who were eligible.

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Ripple effect feared as Fed mulls lifetime bans for two bankers
Industry lawyers say the agency's decision could have implications for other bankers looking to change jobs.

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The inconvenient truth for GSE reform plans
Senate Banking Committee Chairman Mike Crapo
There's bipartisan consensus that the conservatorships of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are unsustainable, but that may not be enough for lawmakers to upend the current system.

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Fed chief hints Wells Fargo's regulatory issues are far from over
Fed Chairman Jerome Powell
Speaking at a press conference, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said the bank's risk management failures have required a dramatic overhaul of its processes.

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Citizens' AI drive hits a wall — commercial loan processing
Signage is displayed outside a Citizens Financial bank branch in downtown Boston.
An executive at the Rhode Island company said the complexity of business lending remains an obstacle to switching to entirely automated, paperless operations.

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More regional banks may merge to meet tech challenges
As competitive pressures mount for midsize banks, more institutions are likely to follow the lead of BB&T-SunTrust and amass more resources for investing in AI, digital platforms and other cutting-edge technologies.

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'Friendly fraud' is on the rise. Are banks complicit?
Not so friendly fraud
Reports of improper charges by perpetrators who know the victim soared last year. Issuers and card networks are failing to tighten security, clearly label transactions and police chargebacks, critics say.

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