Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin
On the Trump administration's blueprint for reform of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac:

"With a few exceptions, this seems to be more a rehash of ideas and options than a road map."

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Fannie Mae's headquarters
More debate on the Trump administration's housing finance reform plan:

"A historical piece that looks to focus all the GSE’s back to their intended purpose. I hope there are 'no sudden movements.' I agree FHA and the Enterprises should have less overlap. It also seems like government backed equity stripping cash out refi days are numbered. What happens when they start asking multifamily loans to amortize again?"

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On challenger banks offering fee-busting features to their apps:

"I've said it before — when is one of these challenger banks going to have to prove they can turn a profit? I'll tell you what doesn't make mathematical sense - free accounts, free overdrafts and free short term loans when you hit $10B in assets. At some point you can't continue to fund growth with VC — then what will you do?"

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On the argument that traditional banks are in danger of going extinct:

"The author misses a few other things that banks tend to do well — and that the over-hyped blockchain doesn't — including assessing and taking credit and interest rate risk. He also incorrectly states that banks make money from high interest rates. They make money from a positively sloped yield curve."

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Department of Housing and Urban Development
Reaction to an op-ed that argued a proposal by the Department of Housing and Urban Development to change how it defines unintentional discrimination is an assault on fair lending:

"Reining in disparate impact is not a rollback of progress. That 'progress' was simply bankers not pushing back on a constitutionally flawed concept out of fear of being called racist ... The assault here is on due process, using flawed comparators to support an allegation."

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HUD Secretary Ben Carson
More reaction to the op-ed on disparate impact:

"Every family needs shelter and the ideal would be to live in thriving communities free of discrimination but since we live in a flawed world with flawed people, having this for 100% of the people is not plausible. Home ownership is not for everyone nor should it be expected."

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More blowback on concerns HUD is gutting fair-lending enforcement:

"The author obviously has never experienced a fair lending exam. If there's been any rollback, no one has told the bank examiners."

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On a Fed proposal to establish risk-based capital standards for insurance companies supervised by the central bank:

"Seems to me one would require integrated scenario analysis of the entire balance sheet. In theory, the diversification effect of the insurance portfolio should offset some of the balance sheet risk of the bank and vice versa. Could this result in reduced reserves?"

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