How New York became Wells Fargo's new center of power

Under CEO Charlie Scharf, the bank that has historically viewed itself as more Main Street than Wall Street is becoming deeply embedded in the nation's financial capital and its hard-charging culture.

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Banks walk fine line in preparing for a coronavirus outbreak in U.S.

As the COVID-19 virus spreads globally, many U.S. financial institutions are said to be taking steps to protect employees and minimize disruption. But only a handful are sharing specifics, to avoid contributing to any public panic.

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Cheat sheet: Inside the $3B Wells Fargo settlement

The 10-digit penalty marks an important milestone for the bank, but individual ex-bankers may still be at risk and grueling hearings lie ahead for current leadership.

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Election 2020: Is nightmare scenario closer to reality for banks?

Bernie Sanders' rise to front-runner status for the Democratic nomination worries many bankers, but their opinions diverge on his electoral chances and whether a Sanders presidency would pose a direct threat.

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Bankers embrace new guidelines for ethical AI

Regions, Citizens, BMO and others are adopting principles IBM unveiled at Davos.

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In tell-all, ex-CFPB chief Cordray claims Trump nearly fired him

The release of Richard Cordray's retrospective of his tenure will come one day before the Supreme Court hears a pivotal case about the leadership structure of the agency.

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4 ways a Credit Karma deal could pay off for Intuit

Intuit has agreed to buy Credit Karma for $7.1 billion. The move is seen as a way for Intuit to get access to more consumer behavior data, generate new sources of income and potentially protect a key business.

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CFPB forced to complete small-business lending rule

After dragging its feet, the agency has agreed to a court-supervised process for writing a Dodd-Frank-mandated rule aimed at stamping out discrimination.

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With new digital bank, RBC joins crowded field

The Canadian banking giant has the resources and the tech know-how to build a digital-only bank in the U.S., but can it set itself apart from the likes of Capital One, Ally, Citizens Bank and Goldman Sachs?

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House panel criticizes SBA over proposed affiliation rule

Members of the House Small Business Committee expressed concerns to SBA Administrator Jovita Carranza that the rule could harm poultry farmers.

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