ATM maker Cardtronics announced Thursday that its British subsidiary has purchased a developer of marketing and advertising software and services for ATM owners.

Cardtronics Creative UK recently closed on the deal for the i-design group of Scotland. With its acquisition of i-design, Houston-based Cardtronics brings in-house a marketing/advertising solution it's used in limited fashion since 2010, primarily through its bank machine operations in the United Kingdom and at some Cardtronics ATMs in the U.S. and Canada.

Now a part of Cardtronics' suite of ATM services, i-design software will be installed at additional domestic and international company-owned ATMs.

"In a world where consumer attention seems forever fixed on a screen… it's important to remember the attention-getting quality of a screen known to all demographics, the ATM screen," said Steve Rathgaber, Cardtronics' chief executive, in a press release.

With i-design, Cardtronics' (CATM) U.K. contingent will be able to provide enhanced services to retailers, banks and advertisers. "On an i-design enhanced ATM, screen-saver loops and screens that formerly read 'processing' or 'please wait' … can deliver targeted marketing [or] advertising messages," Cardtronics said in the press release.