It's a case of David and Goliath, taking place on Twitter.

A 25-year-old graphic designer, Chase Giunta, has been stripped of his Twitter handle, @Chase, after re-tweeting vitriol aimed at the bank, according to the New York Post.

Twitter took away Giunta's handle after Chase pointed out several violations of the social network's policy. After this, Chase claimed @chase as its own.

The switch happened earlier this month.

Twitter's policy dictates that any account that attempts to mislead or confuse other users will be suspended. "In order to avoid impersonation, an account's profile information should make it clear that the creator of the account is not actually the same person or entity as the subject of the parody/commentary," the policy states. Twitter specifically says the user name should not be the exact name of the subject of the parody, commentary, or fandom; to make it clearer, the account should be distinguished with a qualifier such as "not," "fake," or "fan."

Guinta of Dallas told the Post he was previously offered $20,000 from a website domain broker. An offer, he reportedly says, he wishes he now took.