Mobile banking apps are growing beyond the check-account-balances phase.

Chase announced Tuesday a new app designed to help customers buy a home.

The new app, which is called My New Home, lets users to search and rate housing options, record notes and videos about housing listings and calculate monthly mortgage payments. The app can also connect the user to a Chase mortgage banker. USAA and Commonwealth Bank of Australia also have apps that help homeowners evaluate and buy a home.

"As the housing market begins to recover, we are giving consumers all the tools they need to make the most important purchase of their life," said Kevin Watters, senior vice president and head of originations, Chase Mortgage Banking, in a statement.

In the last year, Chase says it has added 20% more loan officers to its branches. Since 2009, Chase says it has helped about 840,000 individuals and families with their home purchases.

Chase has more than 10 million active mobile users.