Rapid change is the new normal when it comes to technology — and banking.

Clunky old computers, even previously "sleek" laptops, are anachronisms now, as computer tablets soar in popularity.

In fact, the next generation of consumers may forgo outdated tools like a computer mouse altogether — a move that could have critical implications for bankers, Brett King, the founder of the yet-to-be-launched mobile bank Movenbank Corp. Ltd., said this week. He gave a keynote address at the Best Practices in Retail Financial Services Symposium sponsored by American Banker and its publisher, SourceMedia Inc.

To illustrate, King showed a YouTube clip of a baby playing: first with an iPad, then with a magazine. The young girl is not impressed by the magazine, continually pressing down with her finger on the exact spot where the iPad button would be.

"She soon tires of this because it's just not responding to touch. 'Give me back the iPad.'… She loves it," King said, narrating the video.

"This girl will probably grow up and never use a mouse or a keyboard. She'll expect screens," he added, saying such behavioral shifts could transform the way banking is done.

Thus there will be a move towards "websites that are context sensitive, that work on tablets and mobile devices," he said. "So banking goes from a place to being a utility available everywhere."