Sussex County Federal Credit Union is the first U.S. financial institution to install NCR's new virtual teller ATM, Aptra Interactive Teller, which gives members the choice of either self-service or a live video interaction with a teller, NCR announced Monday.

Aptra Interactive Teller lets credit unions and banks offer access to teller services during nontraditional banking hours, build new small-footprint branches and provide full teller services in areas not served by branches. It also offers intelligent deposit, bill pay, and new account and loan initiation.

The $225 million, Seaford, Del.-based credit union installed personal teller machines equipped with early-version uGenius video-teller technology last year and decided to upgrade the technology across its ATM network, using NCR Aptra Interactive Teller ATM services to facilitate.

"We've been able to serve members faster during busy times using the kiosk experience, and its received increasingly heavy transaction volumes," said Pamela Fleuette, Sussex County's president, in a press release. "By working with NCR to deploy Aptra Interactive Teller ATMs, we can move that virtual teller experience outside the doors of the branch, which will let us offer the service after hours and not just when the branch is open."

NCR said it will begin additional installations at other financial institutions throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia and other countries during the next three months.