File-sharing website Mega has begun accepting bitcoins to pay for its storage subscriptions, its controversial founder Kim Dotcom announced over Twitter last week.

Dotcom's decision to accept Bitcoins comes soon after PayPal (EBAY), eBay's ecommerce unit, stopped funneling payments to Mega.  PayPal allows cloud storage merchants to sell only file-sharing services it has approved.

In the absence of PayPal's services,, one of vendors that market Mega's cloud-storage services, began using BitPay, which allows merchants to accept bitcoins and converts them into dollars.

The tech blog Slash Gear was among one of the first to notice the news.

Mega is just the latest to begin accepting the anonymous method of making payments. The digital currency is already being taken by blogging website Wordpress and social news website Reddit. Both are accepting bitcoins in exchange for access to premium services.