Personal financial management (PFM) data is making its way into the content of statements.

Geezeo announced Wednesday that the PFM company is working with OSG Statement Services, a provider of multi-channel electronic and full-color statements to credit unions, to develop a statement option that will allow for the inclusion of members' PFM data. Perhaps the statement would clue a credit union member that he overspent on dining, for example. Beyond providing credit union members with deeper transaction insights via their physical or digital statements, the forthcoming statement option is also designed to cross-sell and up-sell members on products.

To create a more telling transaction statement, OSG is using Geezeo's API.

"We believe there are many opportunities to bring PFM data into a variety of retail delivery channels," said Geezeo's CMO Bryan Clagett in an email to BTN.

Meanwhile, Wells Fargo & Co. (WFC) announced Monday a new ATM design that will include a tool that shows customers views of their ATM activities, like how much they withdrew in the last month without needing to first sign up for the service.