PFM provider ImpulseSave launched Thursday a Chrome-browser plugin that allows its users to start or continue saving for goals without ever leaving an ecommerce site.

The Boston company said the tool makes it easier for people to use its service.

"The sophistication with which marketers tempt us to spend our money has become so optimized that it's created a totally unlevel playing field," said Phil Fremont-Smith, ImpulseSave's co-founder and chief executive, in a press release. "Now through our new browser plug-in, which tempts you with your own goals and priorities, we're actually providing a point of saving at every point of sale, and at every point in-between."

ImpulseSave is not the only company of its kind to start utilizing Google's browser.

This week, SmartyPig, which provides an online savings account and a prepaid card, made similar software available to its customers. SmartyPig's software is called OneClick.