Mom, marathoner, app maker: B of A's Michelle Moore

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In this quick Q&A, Michelle Moore, head of digital for Bank of America and our Digital Banker of the Year, talks about her favorite apps, her love of running and how she holds herself accountable.

What are your favorite apps?
The apps that I use when I'm not looking at our app is the weather app. I play chess and Candy Crush. I like the FitBit app, and I have the Facebook app and Nordstrom app.

No Uber?
I live in Charlotte. There is just no need for me to use it. I do use Waze for traffic. Uber is just not a big thing for me, but I wish I was on the inventing end of it.

Where do you get news?
I read theSkimm every morning. It's funny. Their choice of words is clever. I have a pattern. I read theSkimm on the walk from my car to work. I get to my desk, and not because you're sitting here, but I read American Banker and BAI Strategies. They hit my inbox at the same point.

At night, I watch Fox News.

What is the last book you read?
I read a lot of books with my children. The last book I read was "Grit" by Angela Duckworth.

How old are your children?
Eric is eight and Jake is seven. They are 14 months apart. Everyone thinks they are twins because they are close in size.

You have a son named Eric and you named your digital assistant erica?
My husband's name is Eric too. My boss said, "Your husband's name is Eric and you just named this app erica?" Let's be clear, it came out of the last five letters of Bank of America.

What do you do outside of work?
I'm a mom. Everything I do revolves around them. They have baseball three nights a week. Tae kwon do two nights a week. Homework.

Running marathons is what I do for me. I ran four miles this morning.

I ran 2001, 2002, took some time off. Then I ran the Chicago Marathon in 2013. My claim to fame is that I broke my foot at mile 17. I felt something snap, thought it was weird, but didn't twist it. By mile 20, I was in a lot of pain, but didn't want to give up because I thought, "What if it is something silly? I'll never forgive myself if I give up." I walked/ran the rest of it. Still finished in under five hours.

I was on crutches for eight weeks, but got back up again. I ran it again in 2014 and 2015. I took 2016 off, but this is the 40th anniversary of the race and I thought it was just too cool not to run it. This will be my sixth marathon.

Do you have a guiding principle in your job?
I do. I just want to make sure whatever we do today is better than what we did the day before.

How do you hold yourself accountable on that?
I go home and reflect on it. Was I a good manager today? Were my interactions good? You can tell when you have not done things well.

I'm also one of those people who writes out my goals for the year and by the end of year I've usually accomplished them. I like progress. I'm very focused and intense that way. I think that is why I like single-person sports. Marathons are me against myself. I also golf. That's me against myself. My friends say it is about having fun, but I'm about winning.

What are some of your 2017 goals, personal or professional?
For the business, we want to get to at least 25 million mobile users, we want one out of every three checks deposited. It is currently one out of every five. We've already achieved our customer satisfaction goals. We want digital sales to be 25% and we want 45,000 appointments booked on mobile a week.

Personally, it is running the marathon again this year, but this time taking my sons. They've never been. When I'm out running, I envision seeing them at the finish line and it makes me cry knowing they are going to be there. I'm making sure I'm spending more time with them. Tonight is the only baseball game of theirs that I will be missing.

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