Most Powerful Women in Finance: Claudine Gallagher, BNP Paribas

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Chief Conduct and Control Officer, Corporate and Institutional Banking

Claudine Gallagher has become a virtuoso in double-hatting at the highest levels.

In mid-March, in addition to her responsibilities as head of securities services for the Americas, she was asked to assume the role of chief conduct and control officer for BNP Paribas' corporate and institutional banking unit, with the expectation that she would hold two senior roles simultaneously until her successor on the securities side arrived from Paris.

Not only did Gallagher have to juggle her duties in securities services with the steep learning curve of her new role, she had to deal with a blitz of operational constraints created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Describing this period as perhaps the most grueling time in her career, she credits her family with providing much needed encouragement over the most hectic days. "During those many weeks, my husband, who was working hard to ensure the continuity of his own business, took time on a daily basis to bring me coffee, meals, snacks, even makeshift bouquets from the garden," she said.

In 2019, Gallagher became a mentor for the Posse Foundation, where she works with colleges to increase the recruitment of diverse talent.

At the same time, she and several members of her company's Women's Leadership team made a three-year commitment to the Renaissance Youth Center in the Bronx to provide financial resources and personal mentorship to young women to help them realize their potential in education and civic engagement. In February, they hosted 15 of the young women at BNP Paribas for a "leadership day" that included speakers, an equities trading game and a tour of the trading floors.

Gallagher also represents BNP Paribas on the board of the Depository Trust & Clearing Corp., where she serves on the compensation and business, technology and operations committees.

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