The smartphone blog Android Police has discovered several latent features buried in the code underlying the software for Google’s wearable computer. Among them are panoramic image capture (suitable for check imaging), a stopwatch, and commands to play music or games.

"Some of these (like Add a Calendar Event, Capture a Panorama, and Play Music) make sense as features that would be baked right into Glass, while others sound like new or additional functionality for Glassware," wrote Liam Spradlin, a Louisville-based writer for the blog.

Wearable computing is a hot topic in financial services technology, as vendors look to capitalize on the possibilities. Fidelity Investments, for example, has an app that delivers stock quotes over Google Glass' computerized frames. And a Canadian startup called Bionym offers a line of devices that verifies people's identities by taking electrocardiograms of heart activity, which are unique as fingerprints.

Google (GOOG) updated the software for its glasses this month. Another future feature, inactive but embedded in the code, would allow Google Glass to translate languages, according to the blog.

How users give instructions to Glass could change as well, with certain motions being used to initiate a task. For example, instead of giving a voice command, the user could blink an eye as a signal for Glass to snap a photo.