Centier Bank announced a new card control feature that allows customers to temporarily deactivate their debit cards through the bank's mobile app.

The Merrillville, Ind. bank said Tuesday the implementation of the card control functionality, which comes from core processing company Computer Services Inc. (CSI), is designed for people who have misplaced their cards or have had them stolen.

"With the introduction of CSI's Card On/Off functionality, we are giving our mobile customers an extra layer of protection that they can fully control themselves," said Bob Buhle, senior partner at Centier Bank, in a press release. "This functionality allows them to respond quickly to a potentially lost or stolen card, significantly reducing the possibility of fraudulent transactions and other inconveniences."

Recently, several financial services companies, including Simple and USAA, have launched similar add-ons.

The card control concept has been in place for years.

Diebold, for example, began selling a card management feature to banks in August of 2011. City Bank Texas, one of BTN's top mobile app winners, has offered the feature through its mobile banking app since January 2012. The Texas Bank uses Malauzai Software, a mobile banking technology company.