For bankers, the world has never seemed so cold.

Growing concerns over branch costs. A public that distrusts your every move. Pressure from customers to meet their needs better and faster than ever before.

“The theme [of this week’s TowerGroup conference] is sustainability: How do you stay relevant? How do you change with the customer,” says Nicole Sturgill, a research director in the retail banking and cards practice at CEB TowerGroup. “Given the legacy systems that we have, how do you change profitably?”

That’s one of the topics on the agenda of this week’s TowerGroup Conference in Boston.

The annual convention will offer bank executives advice on how to better manage the needs of their customers while taking care of their bottom line.

One of the few chief innovation officers in the industry, Madge M. Meyer, will take the stage and give her perspective on the “Essentials of Innovation Leadership.”

Meyer, an executive vice president and technology fellow at State Street Corp., was one of Bank Technology Newsinnovators of the year, last year.

In 2011, she created an innovation Pipeline that sets out a three-year blueprint that sketches out what the bank wants to do in mainframes, storage, security, desktops, middleware and networks.

Citi’s chief executive of global enterprise payments Paul Galant will discuss the importance of mobile transactions.

Sessions on tablet technology in branches; utilizing multiple channels; and regulation will round out the three-day event.

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