Yodlee Inc. of Redwood City, Calif., and CashEdge Inc. of New York, two vendors of online aggregation and transfer products, said Thursday that they had settled their three-year patent dispute.

CashEdge agreed to pay Yodlee to license its patents, which cover data aggregation techniques. The price was not disclosed.

In 2005, Yodlee filed a lawsuit claiming that CashEdge was infringing on six of its patents. In its response to the suit, CashEdge requested that the court evaluate the six patents and three others held by Yodlee. In March of last year CashEdge filed a countersuit claiming that Yodlee was infringing on one of its own patents.

A ruling in July of last year mostly favored Yodlee, though both companies said the ruling bolstered some of their claims. Yodlee said at the time that it had made 149 claims of infringement and needed to prove only one to win.