"If I could push a button and eliminate Dodd-Frank would I do it? No, I would not," says Goldman Sach’s Lloyd Blankfein.

"The vast bulk of it is good," he said at the Economic Club of Washington, D.C., although “some parts go too far.” The New York Times Dealbook coverage notes that though Goldman has been vilified, he was in front of a rather sympathetic audience in this setting, with a co-founder of Carlyle Group conducting the interview.

What might be one of those parts that go too far? His take on the Volcker Rule was: "it addresses things that were not the problem." But that statement leaves Reform Watch wondering: does that imply he opposes the ban on proprietary trading at insured banks?

For the full piece see "In Washington, Blankfein Backs Dodd-Frank" (may require subscription).