It's been a tough week for Google payments vice president Osama Bedier. On Thursday Bedier was hit with a lawsuit by his former employer, PayPal.

That, to Bedier's chagrin, came in the wake of an embarrassing blunder during his public introduction of Google's new mobile wallet. The miscue occurred when Bedier was demonstrating in New York and to an online audience how consumers can enroll a payment card with Google Wallet. The technology is designed to enable users to make contactless payments at the point of sale.

Bedier stressed that for the demo he was using his own active card, and that he'd typed its account number in ahead of time to keep it private. When he placed the phone in front of a camera, however, the card's details — including Bedier's account number and expiration date — popped up at the top of the phone's screen.

Oops. Bedier removed the phone from the camera's view a few seconds later. He stayed on stage and completed his presentation.